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    Hello guys!

    So today I'm here because something bother me a lot. I've seen a leapquake build and try using it. But something was weird, and that thing was the belt. Here is the build :

    Might of the Earth Full Set

    Bastion of Will Full Set (Focus / Restraint)

    Hellfire Amulet

    Ancient Parthan Defenders

    Blade of the Tribe

    Dread Iron

    Skills :

    Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss

    Leap - Death from Above

    Earthquake - Molten Fury

    War Cry - Veteran Warning

    Threatening Shout - Falter

    Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity

    Passives :

    Boon of Bul-Kathos, Nerves of Steel, Rampage, Ruthless, Earthen Might (Hellfire Amulet)

    The thing is...I don't use Ground Stomp at all, making the belt useless. I'm playing with Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss by the way because I didn't like the Seismic Toss version, always having a second of delay between ST and the leap. But nothing show the use of Ground Stomp so...why is it here and what to use if that belt is useless?

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    I see. That's a good topic with some nice infos as well. I'll probably use that as a reference for making a build. Or more likely copy and paste one.

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    A speedfarm build uh? Any that you can show? I saw some in the builds but most of them are wizard but completely different from one another, I can't seems to find the "good" one. For the class, it doesn't really matter, it's more about the build. But I guess wizard have it easier, I guess?

    Sadly, I don't remember the previous build but the current one feels weird. Having earthquake on left click is strange. I kinda prefer the old one but again, I forgot which build it was. I think I found it here though, should take a look.

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    Hello fellow players.

    So as I were trying to put my characters in shape since I last forgot about them (Barbarian that couldn't do T1 to able to do T7 solo), I thought it would be high time to get a bunch of DB but me and my friends can't seems to agree on HOW to farm them. So here is my question:

    - What is the "best" way to farm DB? Is it by playing a specific set (Sage set with the drop bonus) on lower level or getting a much better set and farm them on higher level since they have a chance to drop more?

    - Is there any build you'd recommand using then with the Sage set? (I think Wizard is still the "most" appropriate class to use for DB unless it changed so I'm thinking of a wizard set). If you have a precise build, that would be for the best.

    Thanks in advance. Gearing my barbarian as leapquake is nice (still unsure about a few things like why using seismic slam over ancient spear with boulder toss or why brawler over animosity since you still get cooldown in why you can't do a lot) but it took a lot of DB to do.

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