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    Greetings and welcome to Hobgoblin Mafia Club. We are here for only one purpose and it only starts with one word POWERBOOST. Feel free to join our clan on your low level alt and we will boost you through torments that would otherwise give your unborn children nightmares. Once we achieve maxium level cap we will then focus on your gear and get you ready for the front line.

    A little about me and Cam - we are just two best friends who are looking like minded recruits who are not judgemental on most things and has a family figure to them. This is a "unrated" clan - meaning, language - all that , anything goes, but please keep it family clean. I call Cameron a fucking noob when he dies to lazers, anyways come join us if you think you got what it takes to join the Hobgob Family!

    Note: We are nothing near hardcore - we play for fun, random Neph Rifts and we push GRs. Currently we are pushing GR 50s - again, if you are hardcore and looking to push GR 70s or higher - we are not there just yet. We look forward to the upcoming season as we will be playing that when it launches for the rewards and what not.


    Find us by press N in-game and typing Hobgob in the filter and click join for faster invite!

    Current Ranks:

    Officer: TroxicGT (PST) (California)
    Leader: ZombieCam612 (GMT) (Texass)

    If you seem interested, please contact me BattleTag: TroxicGT#1144

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