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    Would it be possible to add a direct link to their Diablo 3 armoury?

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    Nice build mate, I'll give it a test tonight!

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    I usually use Templar but recently I have started using enchantress and she's working pretty well.

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    What exactly is Seouless?

    Seouless is a Diablo 3 clan that was created to be a community between players and help build friendship and a level of competition between its members.

    We have everything needed to create a fun, competitive and active Diablo 3 clan!

    What do we do?

    We do everything! Power-leveling our members, rifts, bounties, greater rift pushing as well as groups with members of the clan.

    We also often host events for members to get more people involved with the clan, an active community filled with people to talk to and play with and an active discord server! (We also play other games on the side!)

    Requirements to Join:

    The only requirements to join are that you play and enjoy playing Diablo 3, you are mature enough to not take things too far but enjoy a laid back and entertaining environment while being serious when needed. As well as having access and ability to join and use our Discord server as that is our primary communication method and all announcements etc. will be on discord.

    How do I Join?

    To join Seouless all you need to do is either reply to this thread or send me a message with the following format and I will either accept/deny you and send you a link to our discord server!

    Time playing Diablo:
    Reason for joining:

    Any other questions please get into contact with me and I will help you out!

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