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    Between my LON LTK and Zmonk Toons I have over 55 Hours played so far in season 11. I am mainly still in the 600s because Ive been spamming t13s for mats and such, Have not started pushing yet.

    I am using the Trade Secrets Boon of Inspiration 2.0 build. Optimal for grouping with VyrRasha Wiz, LON WD, Imp DH, Hammer Sader, and Inarius RGK Necros.

    Link to build - http://www.diablofans.com/builds/90019-trade-secrets-life-per-hit-zmonk-guide

    I work a rotating schedule, so I wont always be available at the same time everyday, but I am able to frequently play while I'm at work, though when I am at work I prefer to only farm for mats and such since I am subject to interruptions.


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