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    Quote from Bagstone»

    You gain max XP by running the highest GR you can run considerably fast and consistently (3-5 minute clears). Bonus XP gear has been nerfed to death and is mostly useless, with some exceptions but those don't apply here. Just gear for max DPS (or max survivability and buffs, if you're the support character in a group, which is what your Cain's character and the guide you linked is about).

    And a general note: Quin has sadly left Diablo 3 and is just playing WoW these days, his guides are outdated for the most part as he hasn't touched the game nor his guides in about a year, and some stuff has changed since then. So look for other builds in the build tool and always make sure they're from this current patch.

    Thanks for the information regarding the experience gear. I think i might just salvage all this crap then since it seems like the 10% total bonus exp from Cain's/Born's/Leoric's Signet isn't worth it. I don't even really want to do ZDPS, at least not at the moment (stupid hoarder in me is kicking in saying, "What if later?" lol).

    It seems that the Inna/Raiment build I'm running now is still good enough to get me to GR 70, which allowed me to unlock Primal Ancient drops and will suffice for the time being to help me gear. I'm also going to follow his other guide for full Raiment GR100 once I get the gear for it and the Dashing Strike T10 God Monk for bounties. Hopefully it will work for T13 as well.

    Soon, if not already (not sure who to trust now, Quin was my go-to), we should have some nice 2.6 builds put up which will help keep me updated on changes. I don't know that they are many huge differences in terms of Raiment yet though.

    Sad to see that Quin has indeed moved on from Diablo 3 to WoW. I noticed that from his YouTube and the lack of builds put up by him, but I was hoping that it wasn't completely permanent. Monk is by far my favorite class and Quin embodied the Monk in every aspect. R.I.P.


    Ok, I tested a GR60 (Torment 13) and it took me just under 7 minutes. The experience bonus in my character stats says that it is reduced by 100% while in a GR. Does that mean I should instead run T13 normal rifts instead for the full bonus?

    Experience Bonus Stat

    2nd test on GR60.
    GR60 Exp Run

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    Does anybody have a Monk setup I can use to get the most experience with something like Cains, without being absolutely useless or should I just keep playing with my 6 Inna/2 Raiment build? I have a character still put together with Cain's, Born's, and Leoric's Crown, but that was from years ago and he was useless then, not sure he'd survive anything that's worth running these days.

    Hopefully this thread will help others make the most of the double exp weekend as well.

    My Inna/Raiment character: Sarah (Quin69's build) https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Astaroth-12285/hero/91693617

    My Cain's character: Threshold https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Astaroth-12285/hero/91693620

    This is the most updated build I could find, from 2.5: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/84952-2-5-0-xp-heal-monk-zdpz

    And wtf, Cain's/Born's is nerfed when you are level 70. It's only 5%/2% now instead of 50%/20%. Is it even worth it? Seems like it's not, but I can see why they nerfed it. I should have abused it more when I had the chance.

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    Quote from Bagstone»

    He means "Forgotten Soul". I'd strongly disagree with some of his suggestions though. Many items he marked for salvage are currently used in builds or have been part of builds. Rather, I'd look at an item and estimate how difficult it would be to get it again if it ever becomes useful, and how likely it is that it'll ever be useful. A Star of Azkaranth is damn rare (but can never be trifecta), whereas it's hard to imagine that Zakara Spaulders are ever gonna be useful.

    Oh, so by saying FS he means that you should salvage it and that the Forgotten Soul is more valuable; got it.

    Thanks for giving another view point on this evaluations, by the way. Taking one person's opinion as gospel can lead to terrible life decisions.

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    Quote from Kamui1770
    You post is far to ambiguous.

    Are these good rolls? Are these ancient? Do you theory craft? if you don't theory craft then you shouldn't be hording in the first place.

    Leorics crown - Ancient?
    mantle of channeling - Ancient?
    Pauldrons of the Skeleton King - FS
    death watch mantle - FS
    spaulders of zakara - FS
    magefist - Ancient? good roll?
    frostburn - FS
    gloves of worship - FS
    st archew's gage - Ancient? CDR, AD
    tasker and theo - Ancient? quad fecta?
    ancient parthan defenders - Ancient?
    strongarm bracers - FS
    nemesis bracers - Anicent?
    krelm's buff bracers - always FS
    cindercoat - Ancient?
    aquila cuirass - Ancient? Thorns?
    deapth diggers - Ancient?
    warzechain armguards - FS
    illusory boots - Ancient? Thorn?
    fire walkers - FS
    ice climbers - FS
    in-geom - Ancient? 10% CDR
    furnace - FS
    sage apogee - FS
    sage purchase - FS
    sage passage - FS
    thundergod's vigor - Ancient?
    krelm's buff belt - Always FS
    flavor of time - Ancient? Quad fecta?
    oroboros - FS
    talisman of aranoch - FS
    countess julia's cameo - Trifecta? w/ socket and mainstat rolled off
    mara's kaleidoscope - Trifecta? w/ socket and mainstat rolled off
    star of azkaranth - Trifecta? w/ socket and mainstat rolled off
    xephirian amulet - Trifecta? w/ socket and mainstat rolled off
    Can anybody please tell me what FS means?
    Maybe @Kamui1770 can help clarify? Thanks.
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