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    posted a message on Lf casual clan for season 11

    im looking for a clan of any type, but i am not a very competitive player so i would want to be joining as a sosial member.

    As for my game experience i havent played loads of season but i played some in season 7 and a tiny bit in season 10 and i want to play seasonal when season 11 Hits. I mostly play nonseason where my paragon is 800+. I like to vary a lot so i kind of play all the classes if Get bored of one of them.

    I kind of prefer playing solo over groups, but groups is fine as well. I think my all time high solo GR is about 75 with a barb and i have played some duo with my brother as zmonk. We hit about 85.

    as for me as a person i am a social 25 year old norwegian and my english is not great, but good enough to make myself understood.

    I have seen some clans recruiting but most of them have recuirements i do not meet. I hope there is a clan out there with some people who want me in their team.

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