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    Hello guys,

    I was lucky enough to get my first Ancient Yangs Recurve :)

    The stats are:

    + 1429-1800 fire dmg

    + 10% dmg

    + 946 dex

    + 944 vit

    + 43 % rcr

    + 11 disc

    + socket from rad gift

    Some additional DH stats:

    CDR: 26,76 %

    RCR: 52,29 % (with that bow)

    Life: 550k

    disc: 83

    I am using the standard UE Multishot (Arsenal) build.

    I can think of 3 ways to reroll this bow:

    1) Reroll the min-max dmg:

    This could give me at best an increase of 6,5% dmg (3432/3224 - 1). But I would most likely have to spend most my mats..

    2) Reroll the vit stat to

    either cdr or rcr. How important is the 34 cdr breakpoint for perma vengance?

    3) Reroll the disc from 11 to 12

    I feel like this will boost my damage the least .. I think the dmg boost is roughly 1,5% ..

    4) Reroll the rcr on the weapon to 50

    I am tempted to number 1), not sure though.

    What are your thoughts ? Which stat would you reroll and why?

    Thanks in advance and happy slaying :)

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