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    We are currently 2 ppl that are interested in joining ur clan for the next season my Bnet is Lechach#2210

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    I am looking for Barb for season11 that will be active and have no life for atleast 2 weeks or so atm we are Monk/Necro/WD in grp so for more info please add me on Battle.net we will speak and stuff my Btag is : Lechach#2210 note: must be EU

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    Well, i am not sure about season 11 4 man Grp meta Since we always had PTR before season and we could test all the classes for speeds and stuff , but atm we are all preaty sure that there will be 1 more Patch before season starts . Small changes maybe to necromancer pestilance set but i really wanted to ask if there will be PTR before the season starts (like Season on PTR with %drop chance increased . And we still dont know if there will be any changes to the other classes/Builds that are currently live . If some1 could answer me this questions that would be great . Thanks in advance

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