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    Hello Diablofans.com community!

    I would like to make this post in order to attract casual gamers to our community. We are a multigaming community founded in 2015 by a few friends. We really don't stress growth too much because we feel being connected with one another is more important than having "x" amount of members!

    Having said that we don't have too many rules. Our primary rule is that everyone should have fun while gaming! Currently some of are into Diablo III as well as playing some PU: Battlegrounds. Apart from that many of us have pledged for Star Citizen and generally we play a lot of other Blizzard games as well.

    What do we ask of you?

    There are only a few rules in order to become a member of our beloved community and those are quite simply:

    - Be over 18 years old
    - Join our Discord channel (whenever you are gaming)

    - Be able to game at least a few times p/month
    - Be respectful to other members

    - No Racism

    Does this sound good? Do you see yourself in the midst of us?

    Be sure to contact me or leave a response to this post. I usually am online almost daily but otherwise we'll do our best to get back to you a.s.a.p. Send a message to one of the following:

    BDubzZz86 #2245
    SteveJR #21239

    Happy gaming!

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