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    posted a message on Greetings all Diablo lovers!

    Hello :D

    I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, I am 29 years old from Sweden. I love to play diablo, I jump between diablo and wow but now it's diablo time since necro is out and season 11 soon :) I will be playing necro in s11 aswell.

    I would also like to have some more diablo friends on my real id to play with, so if you want to you can add me Projectyle#2531 and let's have some fun!


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    posted a message on [REQUEST] Necromancer Death's Breath Farming Build


    I was wondering if anyone has a good and viable speedfarm build with Sage gear for optimal Death's Breath farming.

    Forgive me if there is one posted somewhere, I can't find one and I'm too lazy to experiment myself :)


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