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    posted a message on Would an Open Beta ruin your excitement
    Tried a few methods to get a key but to no avail till now never much a lucky person so meh...
    So a open beta might be the best recourse for me. Pretty much straight i wont be disappointed.

    Like Laevus mentioned but a open BETA will make the fans whom really tried every method whom got it 1 week before OPEN feels cheated.

    But Blizzard at this point of time would have a general idea how much servers they need and stuffs after the one yr WOW pass sale and SC2 sales figures. That should not be the major stumbling block.

    My personal wish list will be the Demo/Open version be ready from the announcnement date for release till 1 week before official launch.
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    posted a message on Who thinks runestones will go away?
    I think what needed is a significant penalty for taking the runestone outta the slot.
    Maybe like shattering the rune for lower lvls runes or making the rune degrade wanna take it out for high lvls ones.

    But i still prefer a one for one swap. Shatter another same lvl rune to take the existing out. (using a NPCs )

    But all this will kill the prefix and suffix on rune system.
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    posted a message on D3 Skill Mechanics Destroy Replayability?
    Like the new system, but would rather they make it a little more troublesome to change skill points.

    Was starting a new strafezon on D2X untwinked, dejavu the boring lvling.

    In another way the lvl of the runes probably will equate to the mutiple skill points.
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    posted a message on Stash size + number of characters *Darth Vader theme*
    Stash at 210 is really to small , unless Blizzard will be willing to open up probably a few more tabs along at nightmare, hell, inferno.

    Always had been a collector of Uniques and Sets in D2, so had at least one of every piece in the mules, not including the rares and other non uniques set things that are useful. And you never know when they are going to patch and change some stats.

    Which opens another question, will they patch n fix broken/oped items if there is RMAH now? They cannot do ladder reset for sure.

    Dunno if we will see some achievement with relation to how many pieces of uniques u own, probably we could have a dedicated armory/gallery we can stash them (know it is not going to happen ) jus a lol thought.

    but this will also helps the RMAH in bringing value to low lvl less useful uniques.
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