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    posted a message on "You will die" - Hardcore effects
    Quote from Kblavkalash

    Of course you will be able to finish inferno hc, but I sure it will be much harder than on D3. Several reasons:

    - No pots
    - No tps
    - No overpowered items (hopefully)
    - No matter how strong you are, monsters are supposed to be always challenging.

    Yes i agree! And dont forget no "Save & exit" :D You will really have to think before entering a new zone, because you cant just quit if things get hot. D3 HC will hopefully be one of the best gaming experiences ever :)
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)
    Hardcore Monk build, you will survive!

    Great boosts in armor, dodge, resistance, and reducing enemy damage, great mobility and self-healing, "Paladin bubble" and Ankh effect from passive. I dont think there is a safer build! :)
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    posted a message on "You will die" - Hardcore effects
    I think it will take a long time until we see someone fully complete Inferno HC. You will no doubt have to grind gear on Hell for a long time, and even after that you will probably be bursted from 100-0 in a second if you make one tiny little mistake. But thats awesome. Gotta love hard games :D
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    posted a message on Idea about complete the game first in SC
    Sounds like a good option, nice thinking mate!
    But i doubt Blizzard will implement it. It could cause confusion and anger for many new Diablo players, imagine this scenario..
    Young Bob beats Diablo 3 for the first time, with some luck he had zero deaths. Bob sees a big pop-up "hey Bob, you beat the game without any deaths, would you like to become a HARDCORE character?" he instantly clicks YES! and then dies right in Nightmare mode.

    What would he do after that? He would probably put the game on the shelf and/or go whine on the forums.

    Blizzard wants this game to be as beginner friendly as possible, while still being a great game for hardcore gamers. Its just how business works. Its just like how gyms work today -- filled with useless machines and a fresh atmosphere, less free weights. Casual friendly = more money :hehe:
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    posted a message on The new skill&rune system and how it affect us HC players
    I saw no topic about this, so lets discuss!
    I believe this is a very good change especially for us HC players, a lot more freedom on the builds right from the bat allows greater survivability and replayability. With the old system, so many runes would be lost upon death, and it would be hard to get an optimal skillbuild.

    The constant flow of new unlocks all the way to lvl 60 will feel great, because of all the new characters you create when you die lol. It will be a more fun experience leveling up a new one.

    What do my HC friends think about the change?

    Theres the link incase you missed the changes :)
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    posted a message on Predetermined character stats and hardcore
    Well, in D2 putting just what you needed in strength, some dexterity for the block (if you played LoD), nothing in energy and the rest in vitality pretty much WAS the predetermined character stats :hehe:

    We will probably have to itemize very strictly on the survival front because the damage you'll get from the base stats will pretty much be enough. I am pretty sure it will turn out well, dont worry. A challenge is always welcome anyway ;)
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    posted a message on Potential Patch 13 upcoming changes to runes (Unconfirmed)

    Everyone is getting it from Daeity honestly, and wants the creds when Blizz reveals it tomorrow.

    Anyway, this is a GOOD change, not a bad change. The runes would force people to spend money on the RMAH to be on par, and the runes would take up unnecessary stash space. It also takes away the deadzone from 30-60 completely, yay!

    For us HC players, its a SUPER GOOD change. We want all possible builds available without the farming, you could be screwed on your first characters if you didnt get the right runes etc. You will be making new characters (because of obvious deaths lol) so many times, the runes would just be a BIG hinder when they gets lost on every death.

    Im pretty confident this is the changes. Not the bullshit about the "locked generator/spender skill-slots until Nightmare" thought. Thats just... no comment on that lol.

    We will know very soon.
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    posted a message on hardcore excesive kiting?
    Hardcore at Inferno difficulty will probably require tons of kiting. But I dont really see it as a problem. You have a lot more mobility skills and tricks for kiting than you had back in Diablo 2. Demon Hunter for example, has a slowing spike trap, slowing shot, different sorts of backflips/tumbles, etc. The amazon from Diablo 2 kind of lacked these luxuries and made the kiting a bit boring.

    Dont worry :)
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    posted a message on Hardcore and Arena?
    They have said hardcore death in arena wont be permanent, there will be a "friendly duel" type of arena.
    Jay Wilson wants to implement permanent death for hardcore PvP as a second choice thought, probably coming later, in a patch.

    Go to 02.45 in this video and listen what he says.

    Hope this helps :)
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    posted a message on D3 Skill Mechanics Destroy Replayability?
    If you want maximum replayability, play hardcore mode :)

    You will be rerolling and experiencing the game many times, with many different builds.

    I do think this new skill system will lessen the replayability, BUT, only if you play softcore mode. Because when you hit level 60 with a character, you wont ever need to make the same type again. In Diablo 2 you had reasons to level up again because of new builds etc. Yes there are more builds in Diablo 3, but once you have a Lvl 60 softcore mode monk, you will have them all in the same character.

    But having in mind: The "end game" will be far more mixed and fun (no more doing only Baal runs), Farming trough ALL areas in Hell and Inferno (because champions and rare monsters gives the "best loot" now), with the promised jaw breaking challenge of Inferno. Because of that, the game could, and will, probably have a longer life span than Diablo 2, even for the softcore players. Only time will tell.
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    posted a message on Surviving Hardcore, Builds and Class Suggestions!
    Both the Monk and the Witch doctor seems to have a Guardian Angel passive (League of legends player will know what i mean) :D
    for the non-LoL players, its basically a resurrection on-the-spot when you die. The ankh item effect from Warcraft 3, or the (passive?) Shamans in World of warcraft had/has (dont know if they still have it..?)

    Anyways, that seems kind of overpowered Just run back and afk for a while when the passive is on cooldown lol.
    Oh and the monk has the paladin bubble from World of warcraft too :D
    But yeah he is probably squishy, so it will even out a bit.

    You can create your own builds here! :)
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    posted a message on Hardcore VS Softcore community
    Really? From my d2cHC (d2c as in classic Diablo, not LoD) experience, there was a few PK'ers yes, but most people were more mature than the average softcore player (no offense) and always willing to help with boss boosting/sorc enchant for low levels. The d2cHC community was like a big warm family :)

    Maybe you played LoD? Heard TPPK was the norm there lol. You could not even do public Baal runs.
    In d2cHC public CS runs was no problem :)
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    posted a message on some standard HC tips and thoughts, please add yours too!
    1. Never play in dangeroes zones tired or drunk. If you really want to play while tired or drunk, go magic find in normal mode or something like that, maybe make a new character :)

    2. Make several characters before entering next difficulty (nightmare, hell, inferno). If you have a handful of heroes stacked up, it wont hurt that much when you lose one. Having only one character and losing it at high level will really hurt.

    3. There is no "save & exit" in Diablo 3, so you have to actually think about your positioning, watch your hp etc, all the time.

    4. Try to not allow too much distraction when entering a very hard area. Turning off your cell phone for a while when trying [email protected] for the first time would be a wise choice :)
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    posted a message on Hardcore only after finishing Normal first
    Well yeah, the reason is probably mostly because people new to the Diablo series could click "hardcore" without really knowing what it is, because it sounds cool, and when they die they would go rage at the forums etc. And putting the game on the shelf as you said, CruS.

    And, if people are forced to start with softcore, more people will be using the RMAH. Blizzard likes that for obvious reasons ;)

    I heard it would take about 20 hours to complete normal mode, comon guys it wont be THAT much pain :D Get a hang of the controls etc, follow the story without worrying about dying while listening to Cain :')
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