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    Quote from Snaks42

    ohmaygawd not this thread again. Please for the love of Diablo, search the forums if you want to complain about this, there's about 4 hundred threads.

    More on topic: There's so many good arguments for the skill system in diablo 3, you just CAN'T argue against it. Your main point; Replayability. Leveling new characters because you are forced to, because you made a mistake with the broken stat allocation system and skill trees did NOT contribute to this. Look back to playing D2. You could level to 85 in no time. This was not why you kept playing. Instead it was the item hunt. If replay ability to you = forcing people to level characters, when most didn't like having to level that 3rd amazon because they screwed up, then that's fine. But don't try to force it on the rest of us.

    The fact is D3 has thousands upon thousands of more, viable, and different builds than D2 ever had. Hacking and more importantly duping will be very limited in D3, causing those super rare legendaries to actually BE super rare, thus dramatically improving the item hunt from D2. D3 will give you the ability to farm the entire game, reducing the mundane task of having someone teleport to Baal, open portal, kill and repeat.

    TLDR; Your kidding yourself if you think *having* to level characters was why D2 was fun. D2 was fun because of the chance of really cool, rare items dropping, and actually playing your character. Just because you can switch your skills doesn't mean you have instant access to every build. Every build is going to need, for the most part, different gear, different runes, different gems. It has replay ability, more so than any game I've seen.

    I think you are assuming what I believe to be fun. And no, I'm not kidding myself. I've played the game for years, I think I know what my own opinion is by now.

    Yes, Magic Find is a factor in replayability, but that is nothing close to what I am arguing. I think the old skill system is what kept people interested and trying new things. I don't like that you can simply, change your skill bar, wait a minute for the skills to become active, and you've essentially got an entirely different toon. I can try out all my builds in a week.
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    Hey all,

    Long time Diablo 2 player here to pose a serious question.

    I believe that with the new D3 skill system, the replayability we found in D2 will not exist in D3. The tree feels very WoWesque. There seems to be no choice of skills, but rather, choice of active skills. The only customization that comes into play is the rune system, which just further enhances the skill's abilities or bonus effects.

    One of the best aspects of D2, in my opinion, is the choices you made that ultimately determined your character. These choices were mainly:
    1. What do you put your stat points into?
    2. What do you put your skill points into?

    People complained because the community got caught up in the meta-game (saving your skill points for allocation at higher level). Blizzard answered with its best idea: respec scrolls after normal, nightmare and hell difficulties were completed. This allowed players to use their points in the early skills, mid skills and finally their "final" builds that they had planned since the conception of the character. Blizzard also responded to the cries of "that skill is useless" by providing the skill trees with 'synergies'. This gave passive bonuses to the skills around it, so that using points in skills you liked had some benefits down the road.

    This is a hack and slash series. What gives the game replayability is creating new characters and trying to create that ultimate build. Even if you find it, or something close to it, you always think there is something better out there and try again. I remember I must have made like, 30 Hardcore Diablo 2 Necromancers over the course of my play. I don't regret any one of them. With this skill system, however, I don't see the need to EVER create more than 1 of any class, given they are not Hardcore toons and die. ( I plan on playing 100% hardcore, btw.)

    1. So...does this new skill system, in your opinion, kill the replayability (I'm talking years worth, like we got out of Diablo 2) ? Or, am I being hypocritical of a game that I have waited a decade for?

    2. Also, would you prefer the current D3 skill system setup, or a system similar to late D2 where trees had synergies, respec scrolls were available etc?

    Thank you for reading :P
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