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    I'm going to state this now because eventually you will all realize it. I've been doing a lot of testing and the Inarius set is definitely broken NOW (post-hotfix) and has nothing to do with the Mirinae gem.

    First of all, my build is a Grim Scythe build. Always has been. I was pushing solo low GR80's with my build. The gems didn't matter for me as much as it mattered for other builds. Anyway, that's besides the point.

    I tested my damage in T13 and my damage barely kills elites. Takes me 2-3 swings just to kill plain trash... like wtf? I'm full ancient + full augments (rank 60+ augments). My sheet dps is 1.6 mil. I used to be able to one shot everything with my primary skill in T13. Now, I cannot since the "hotfix".

    I'm 100% sure that the devs broke something else in the set by mistake while trying to fix the gem interaction. What a mess! lol.

    Here's a "before" vid that I made for a speed farming build:


    As you can see, I practically melt everything. I one shot trash for sure. And I purposely used less paragon for this build for testing purposes (roughly 800 paragon). Right now, I'm using my max paragon and I my damage is maybe 40% of what it used to be. I even told a friend to come along on a different class to compare how fast he killed things in T13. He was on a less geared toon nearly one shotting everything. Then I logged on all my of my other classes that have full ancient sets + augmented and those classes didn't change in damage one bit. Actually, all my other classes with less gear can kill things faster in T13 now which makes no sense.

    Something is definitely broken here.

    Figured it out! Primary skills are no longer receiving the 6 set damage bonus.

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    Notable Mentions:

    - Does NOT use Corpse Lance.

    - Does NOT use Land of the Dead.

    - Uses ALL Curses.

    - Great for Hardcore mode! I rarely die in 80+ solo and 85+ 4-mans.



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