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    Jade is my favourite build of all the classes.

    I realy like that you made 3 builds ranging from begginer to Master. It gives me a rough idea of where my gameplay is atm.

    I actualy like to play with wormwood in the cube (ditching the furnace), and not using Locus Swarm on the bar, instead opting for Hex (Jynx).

    With this i lose 50% elite damage and 25% damage reduction from mobs.


    I win 15% more damage from hex to potentialy everyone, and i gain a huge huge damage mitigation because i always have a lot of monsters completely disabled not doing any damage at all. Sometimes even elites are hexed making the damage mitigation insane. Also, very dificult to quantify is that while disabling monsters with hex you can afford a couple more seconds stationary while harvesting meaning that your endless walk set has a couple more % extra damage added in.

    Also, with wormwood auto-casting and the jade 4set CD reduction on Soul Harvest, you have more Harvests and thus more dps that is hard to quantify.

    I find myself having more time to harvest witout dying. I find the hex defensive capabilities much more noticeable than the cloud of insects rune from locust swarm from the action bar (having the wormwood on the cube ofc)

    Also, from a gameplay POV it's very very very fun, and you add an extra CC/CD button to your toolbar, making you feel you have more options. SOmetimes i can get away with go inside mobs with SPirit Walk -> piranado CC -> horrify CC -> Hex CC ->Spirit walk comes off CD again and this gives me a LONG time to do DPS while mostly safe.

    In paper looks bad but after tying it out and geting the hang of the new "rotation" i find it realy cool.

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