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    The Outcast recruiting

    We are an European based fun, mature clan with active seasonal SOFTCORE players. We have a great mix of people that love to game in groups till the last day of the season and push limits. We don’t use any 3rd party programms so play totally legit as honesty is rule 1 in our clan.

    We're looking for like minded people to join us and enjoy all that the game has to offer. Our main means of communication are clan and party chats (which see a lot of use) the use of discord is manditory. We use discord to post builds, fun stuff and everything regarding the clan, even when you don’t use mic we ask to join us there so you always are posted off what is going on in clan or Diablo. We form groups on discord 90% of the time.

    So what can we offer you?

    * Legit playing no turbohud rosbot or anything

    * Fun, friendly atmosphere to game in with a group of active players.

    * Social chat both in game and on discord

    * Discord to post topics, ask advice and share articles and build

    ideas with your clan mates.

    * Support and advice to help you and us to improve.

    * We maintain an inactivity period of 21 days ( this is without letting

    the staff know you will be inactive)

    Hope there is something there that interests you and makes you feel like you'd like to come and join our community.


    * install discord really required

    * Aged between 18 and Ancient.

    * want to play in groups and learn or help others

    * Active player who wants to be part of a great growing community

    and not stopping when you completed season but stick with the clan

    until the end of season

    If this is what you look for then The Outcast could be for you. Thanks for taking the time to read and if you would like to apply join our discordserver to have a chat with us https://discord.gg/UEh85j3 just pm a staffmember or post in the guestroom on there to have a chat.

    We try with our recruitment to get a balanced group in clan so we can make groups in day and eveningtime.

    Please don't forget to add your battle tag so we can add you in game and hopefully see you soon. Good luck with your gaming :)

    And maybe see you in clan!!


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    posted a message on Major issue with the accounts (names) (user-[number])
    Quote from user-100010381»

    i didnt get a button to reclaim my name i got no addblocker

    i was moving house while this happened had no chance to reply nor had an email for it

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    posted a message on Major issue with the accounts (names) (user-[number])

    i didnt get a button to reclaim my name i got no addblocker

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    posted a message on account changes????

    must have missed an email while moving or even didnt get it i wouldnt know when it was sent otherwise i would have changed it

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    posted a message on account changes????

    Hellow, why is my account back to user when i log in on twitch and why are all my messages deleted also the one for recruitment i am already signed member of the site for years also with recruitment???


    please can somebody explain twitchname justme67nl

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