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    D4 don`t exist (other than in some bullshits click bait whores like Rhykker clips or similar emoteenager oriented verbal diarrhea like that, full of fried air and retarded speculations and empty of real content) and even if somehow it will be developed it will take min 3-4 years knowing Blizzard timelines. In the next 2-3 years i`m pretty convinced that we will have 2 (at least ) additional classes (prolly druid and amazon) and possibly an expansion.

    While we respect your opinion and speculation regarding the future of Diablo, please refrain from personal attacks on fellow community members.
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    Just to keep you guys up to date: I logged into EU a moment ago and as soon as i started a game i got my season journey completed toast. Finally.

    Can confirm, this happened to me in NA. It looks like the bug has been fixed! :D
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    We found that things were the same, except for a battlecruiser pet celebrating the Starcraft 20th anniversary. This was the same patch founded on the PTR where they were testing optimizations.

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