• published the article Beware! BlizzConline News Has Leaked! Avoid Spoilers!

    Beware! BlizzConline News Has Leaked! Avoid Spoilers!

    In an unfortunate accident, big news from BlizzConline has leaked due to the official press-kits being released unintentionally early by Blizzard. If you do not wish to be spoiled on the upcoming announcements, we advise that you avoid major news sites, social media, and content creators before you've had the opportunity to watch the opening ceremony.


    Our policy at DiabloFans is to report speculation and potential information, but we do not post confirmed leaks until an official announcement has been made. Leaks ruin the excitement of announcing something awesome for both the fans and the developers, and it's a no-win situation for everyone involved. With that said, be sure to come back here for all of your BlizzConline news throughout the weekend!


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    Submit Your Questions For The BlizzConline Diablo Q&A!

    On Saturday, February 20 at 12:00pm PST, there will be a Diablo Q&A panel during BlizzConline. Be sure to submit your questions for the panel here!



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    Double Treasure Goblin Buff!

    Blizzard has introduced the double treasure goblin buff for the remainder of Season 22! Now is the perfect time to hop into Diablo III to get your seasonal journey completed!


    Originally Posted by FilthieRich (Official Post)


    For the rest of Season 22, all Treasure Goblin spawns will be doubled. This means that each time you encounter a Treasure Goblin in the wild, they’ll be accompanied by an exact duplicate of themselves for two times the loot, chaos, and fun!


    There are a few important details to keep in mind with this effect:

    • This does not affect goblins encountered via Bandit Shrines, Goblin “Rift” packs, or in the Realm of Greed.
    • Duplicate Whimsydale portals created by the Rainbow Goblin will enter the same instance of Whimsydale.
    • The Insufferable Miscreant is not affected by this buff; this is intended.

    Need a refresher on the various types of Treasure Goblins and what they do? Be sure to check out our Game Guide for more information. We’ll otherwise see you in Sanctuary!

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    Diablo Panels Detailed In BlizzConline Schedule!

    The BlizzConline schedule has been posted, and it's packed full of Diablo Content! We would like to highlight a special panel on day 2 titled "BlizzConline Presents: A Critical Role Diablo Campaign" in which Critical Role hosts a custom Diablo-themed adventure about a band of warriors pursuing whispered rumors of something ancient and evil stirring beneath the ruins of Old Tristram!







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    A Diablo Community Member Needs Your Help!

    Many of you know WolfCryer as a YouTuber, Streamer, and the organizer of the Level With A Cause charity event that takes place each season in Diablo III. Due to an injury that happened last year and an ongoing condition that is preventing him from properly healing from it, he has found himself in need of financial help to cover the exorbitant medical costs. If you are someone who is in a fortunate enough position to help out, then please consider donating to his GoFundMe page! Every donation helps, no matter how small.


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    The Celebration Collection Now Available

    The Celebration Collection is now available to purchase as a commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Blizzard! Diablo players can look forward to a Pet, Portrait, Wings, and Transmog Set coming to Diablo III; however, they have yet to be shown. It's possible that we will see these items revealed during BlizzConline on February 19th, and may possibly tie into an announcement regarding Diablo IV, Diablo Immortal, or the rumored Diablo II: Resurrected.



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    Vicarious Visions Merges With Blizzard!

    Vicarious Visions, the studio behind the recent re-makes of Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 1+2, has officially been merged with Blizzard according to this gamesindustry.biz article! As stated in the report, the Vicarious Visions team will now be dedicated to existing Blizzard games and initiatives. We reported on a potential Diablo II Remaster being made by Vicarious Visions last year, and this merge supports the rumor that it may very well be happening.



    The Darkening of Tristram

    The Darkening of Tristram anniversary event is currently live in Diablo III, and players have until January 31 at 4:00pm PST to complete the event and earn the exclusive transmogs, achievements, portraits, pet, legendary gem, and more! Season 22 is also live in Diablo III, and this event can provide players with a unique way of leveling if they have yet to start their seasonal journey!


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  • published the article Diablo Immortal Datamined Cinematics

    Diablo Immortal Datamined Cinematics

    We datamined the animated cinematics from Diablo Immortal! This is your warning that there are some major story spoilers within these cinematics!








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    Diablo IV Quarterly Update - December 2020

    Itemization In Diablo Immortal

    Character And Skill Progression In Diablo Immortal

    Diablo Immortal Gameplay Overview

    Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha Launches

    Diablo Immortal Free To Play Approach And Values

    We finally have an answer as to how Diablo Immortal will approach the free-to-play business model thanks to the latest Blizzard blog post!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

    Our Free to Play Approach and Values


    Our Approach and Values

    We know one of the outstanding questions about the game is: What is the business model for Diablo Immortal? Getting this right for players is important to our team, and today we want to share how we’re coming at this for Immortal—what it is, the values behind it, and how it works in practice.

    Diablo Immortal will be free-to-play with optional in-app purchases. We plan on supporting Diablo Immortal with a constant cadence of free content, including new gear, features, classes, stories, and areas to explore. We also want to make sure every purchase feels fair and is guided by a clear set of values that place an emphasis on the player experience for all players.


    First and foremost of these values is gameplay first. Core mechanics are designed to be fun first, and purchases should never circumvent Diablo’s core gameplay – killing demons and getting gear! There should also be a pathway to earn most things you can pay for. And critically important is that the only way to acquire gear is by playing the game.


    Second, we want to provide purchase options that feel worthwhile and deepen your engagement and enjoyment of the game, and where possible the enjoyment of other players as well. Purchases should not detract from your gameplay experience.


    Third, purchases should feel like a bonus, and entirely optional to enjoy Immortal. The core Diablo Immortal game experience will always be free, and you should be able to enjoy the game for hours on end whether or not you choose to spend money.

    What You Can Buy: A Few Examples

    A good example of these values at work are Crests used with Elder Rifts. Players can run Elder Rifts to their heart’s content, and Crests can be earned or purchased, providing both personal and social benefits. Using Crests spices up the experience by adding random modifiers that enhance gameplay, making a Rift either easier or more challenging. Using a Crest guarantees certain non-gear rewards such as Runes and Legendary Gems. Crests also provide Rift points when used by at least one member of the party, and all players in the group will be rewarded with Rift points even if they do not use their own Crest. Accumulated Rift points can then be used to acquire items such as Legendary Gems.


    Another example is Reforging. Reforging item properties requires special consumable materials that can be earned through gameplay or purchased. Players can earn Reforge Stones for extra re-rolls on an item property, or purchase Specialized Reforge Stones, which allow you to focus on the item properties you want most.


    Immortal also has a Battle Pass progression system that allows players to earn rewards by completing Seasonal Quests and other in-game activities. The Battle Pass has both free and paid tracks. All players can claim rewards such as Reforge Stones and Crests through the free track, while players with the paid track will have access to exclusive cosmetics and even more rewards.

    The Market

    Before we get into the details, let’s be clear—this is not the Diablo III real-money auction house. Player exchange has been a part of Diablo’s history, and we’ve learned many lessons–both good and bad–along the way. In Diablo Immortal we want players to have the ability to participate in a fair, healthy, player-driven economy that doesn’t circumvent gameplay.


    The Market connects anonymous buyers and sellers, with no ability to cash-out. There are limits to what can and cannot be put on the Market. While it will be a possible source of certain materials, supplementary items, and Legendary Gems, it is not a place to acquire gear. It’s also a way for all players, including those who choose to never make an in-game purchase, to exchange items they find for additional in-game currency, beyond what they’re able to earn through play.

    Currencies in Diablo Immortal

    There are three primary currency types in Diablo Immortal, earnable through gameplay and paid. Below is a brief overview of these currencies, how they’re obtained, and examples of what they are used for.

    Gold drops from enemies, chests, and other lootables in the world of Sanctuary. It cannot be purchased or traded and must be earned through gameplay. Gold can be used for things like upgrading your items and purchasing randomized gear from NPC vendors.


    Platinum can be earned through daily gameplay activities or purchased with real money. Players can also obtain Platinum by selling items via the Market. Platinum is used for activities such as exchanging goods on the Market or crafting Charms.


    Eternal Orbs are acquired with real money only, and can be used for purchasing Platinum, as well as other items such as the Battle Pass, Specialized Reforged Stones, Crests, and cosmetics.

    Through Technical Alpha and Beyond

    Our focus for the Technical Alpha is on gameplay and making sure Immortal is fun. The Technical Alpha will not have any real money transactions, though we may provide some in-game currency to test out these systems. That said, we’ll continue to refine our approach, always leading with our values—putting gameplay first, providing worthwhile options, and designing them as a bonus. Our goal is to ensure that it feels right for Diablo Immortal and its players.


    We’re looking forward to feedback throughout the Technical Alpha, and we can’t wait until we can see all of you in Sanctuary.

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    Diablo IV Quarterly Update - December 2020

    Diablo Immortal Free To Play Approach And Values

    Character And Skill Progression In Diablo Immortal

    Diablo Immortal Gameplay Overview

    Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha Launches

    Itemization In Diablo Immortal

    Blizzard posted a blog detailing how itemization, gems, and crafting will work in Diablo Immortal!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

    Itemization in Diablo Immortal

    The Technical Alpha is a small-scale, early test of Diablo Immortal that will primarily include players from Australia. You can find more details on the Technical Alpha in our Alpha Announcement blog, but even if your region isn’t part of the test, we’re not going to leave you in the dark.

    No Diablo game is complete without a deep, rich, and rewarding loot system. Diablo Immortal aims to be true to its itemization roots while pushing the envelope—but it has different itemization needs and goals than a traditional action-RPG. We want to give you exciting choices and plenty of flexibility so you can build your character your way, with the understanding that no two Diablo games are (or should be) alike.

    Diablo Immortal is still in active development, so what you’re about to read is therefore subject to change.

    The Makings of an Item

    Philosophy: Items are one of the most important parts of Diablo. Diablo Immortal’s items are intended to provide you with continuous opportunities to progress, either by ranking them up to unlock their potential, or by replacing them with better gear. The stat bonuses items provide should help your character feel more effective at one or more aspects of combat.

    Gear in Diablo Immortal usually has three types of stats: Base Stats, Attributes, and Magic Attributes. In addition, truly powerful items can have sockets, Legendary attributes, and more.




    Base Stats are listed next to the item’s icon and can include Life, Damage, Armor, Offense Rating, Defense Rating, Potency, and Resistance.

    • Life increases your hit points.
    • Damage increases the damage dealt by weapons, and it’s increased by your primary Attribute.
    • Armor provides damage reduction against enemies’ non-magical attacks.
    • Armor Penetration reduces the effectiveness of enemies’ armor against your attacks.
    • Offense Rating increases your damage by a percentage based on your opponent's Defense Rating.
    • Defense Rating reduces your damage taken by a percentage based on your opponent's Offense Rating.
    • Potency makes your debuffs on enemies last longer.
    • Resistance reduces debuff durations on you.

    Attributes include Strength, Intelligence, Fortitude, Vitality and Willpower.

    • Strength is the primary Attribute for the Barbarian, Monk, and Demon Hunter.
    • Intelligence is the primary Attribute for the Wizard.

    All attributes increase your Offense and Defense Ratings. Primary attributes increase damage, while non-primary Attributes provide additional defensive benefits.

    • Fortitude increases your Armor and Armor Penetration in addition to Offense and Defense Rating.
    • Vitality increases your Life in addition to Offense and Defense Rating.
    • Willpower increases your Potency and Resistance in addition to Offense and Defense Rating.

    Magic Attributes add specific powers to an item, such as Attack Speed or Cooldown Reduction, to allow further fine-tuning and playstyle customization.

    Equipping Everything You Can

    Philosophy: Gear slots largely remain the same in Diablo Immortal as in past Diablo games. We want to ensure Legendary items feel truly special, so they are reserved for the item slots that better highlight their unique appearances and powers.




    In Diablo Immortal, characters have access to 12 gear slots. Primary gear slots will feature Legendary gear with skill-changing effects, while secondary gear slots will help augment and customize your build with additional stats and magic attributes.

    Primary Gear Slots

    • Head
    • Legs
    • Torso
    • Weapon
    • Shoulder
    • Off-Hand/Secondary Weapon

    Secondary Gear Slots

    • Neck
    • Waist
    • Ring (1)
    • Ring (2)
    • Feet
    • Hands

    Items of Uncommon Quality

    Philosophy: Items of all qualities should provide enough incentive for you to pick them up. No matter an item’s quality, you shouldn't feel like your effort to collect an item is wasted as every item can either be equipped, or used to fuel upgrades for your other items.

    In Diablo Immortal, equippable items range from lowest to highest quality: Normal (white), Magic (blue), Rare (yellow) or Legendary (orange) items. Set (green) items will not be in Diablo Immortal, as we want to leave room for players to mix and match their legendary powers the way they want.


    The higher the quality of the item, the better and more stats it has. Magic and Rare items spawn with named affixes that denote what Magic Attributes (types of stat boosts) the item in question provides. For example, a “Purified Short Sword of Authority” denotes a Short Sword (base item type) enhanced with the “Purified” (added damage to demons) prefix and “of Authority” (a Strength and Willpower bonus) suffix.


    Possible Magic Attributes include some usual suspects like attack speed, damage and armor bonuses, and others. New attributes include chance to cheat death (like some passive abilities in Diablo® III), buff duration increases, chance to deal increased damage to enemies who are at low health percentages, and more. We’re planning over 30 different Magic Attributes at launch with the potential to expand further.


    Legendary items will also have legendary properties specific to those items. These usually modify a class skill in some way, enhancing its abilities; some have cosmetic effects. Every Legendary item is class-specific, has a unique name and visual treatment, and unique skill effects.



    Item ranks

    Philosophy: Item ranks should provide you a way to keep improving on items you really like, making them better, instead of forcing you to discard them for a numerical upgrade. If you love a legendary item, ranking that item up allows you to continue to use it and keep it relevant for the content you’re playing.

    Rare and Legendary items can be further upgraded through a new system we’re calling item ranks. Rare (yellow) items drop at rank 0, and can be raised up to rank 5 by visiting the appropriate crafters and spending the necessary crafting materials. Each additional rank adds stats to the item. Legendary items can have a rank of up to 20, and they possess an additional benefit we’re calling Bonus Attributes; more on that below.


    Polishing All Your Weapons

    Philosophy: Items are just one part of your character’s power. Charms, gems, and other item-enhancing materials should help you further define what you want your hero to be good at and provide alternate paths of progression.


    Charms provide between one and five unique skill rank bonuses for all classes, rolled randomly. You can break unwanted charms into skill stones, which you can then use to reroll the bonuses on other charms.




    Since charms can modify up to five different skills from any class, you’ll want to use the rerolling process to grant the specific skill bonuses you desire. Charms occupy their own item slot, and you can only equip one at a time, so make sure yours is the right one!



    Runes are crafting materials obtained from Elder Rifts. There are 15 different runes, some much harder to obtain than others. Runes are used in recipes related to Legendary Gems and items.


    Gems and item sockets

    Common gems each boost a specific Base Stat of the item they’re socketed into. Gems can have up to ten ranks; much like in previous Diablo games, gems are upgraded by combining three gems of the same rank to obtain one gem of a higher rank. For example, you can visit an artisan in town to combine three rank 3 gems into one rank 4 gem.


    Slot Normal Socket Max # Legendary Socket Max # Socket Color/Type
    Head N/A 1 Legendary
    Torso N/A 1 Legendary
    Shoulder N/A 1 Legendary
    Legs N/A 1 Legendary
    Weapon N/A 1 Legendary
    Off-hand N/A 1 Legendary
    Neck 3 N/A Red, Yellow, Blue
    Ring (Each) 1 N/A Random
    Hands 3 N/A Yellow
    Waist 3 N/A Red
    Feet 3 N/A Blue
    Total 13 6  


    Legendary item slots are a special case. While these item slots are only allowed one socket per item, they also only accept Legendary Gems, detailed below.


    Salvage materials

    Every item you collect that isn’t useful can be broken down at a Blacksmith in exchange for salvage materials. You can then use them to increase item ranks, or in crafting recipes.

    Priceless Treasures: Legendary Gems

    Philosophy: Legendary gems should provide additional power to your hero, and greatly enhance their performance in combat, while providing another progression path for you to focus on.



    Legendary Gems are primarily obtained through Elder Rifts with Legendary Crests or through crafting. Each gem requires specific materials (including runes) and the appropriate gem recipe to craft. Legendary Gems confer unique benefits that are not found in any other items (similar to how they work in Diablo III).


    Once you obtain or craft a Legendary Gem, you can socket it in any item that occupies a Legendary slot item (a socketed item equipped on the Head, Torso, Shoulder, Legs, Weapon, or Off-hand slots) and get the benefits immediately.


    Upgrading Legendary Gems

    Legendary Gems will play a large role in your item progression, and as such ranking them up is very important. The basic process to upgrade Legendary Gems is to combine identical gems to produce a new, more powerful gem of that type. You can also trade any gems you don’t need on the Market. When upgrading gems, you’ll always keep the best among all gems you’re combining; higher gem ranks require combining larger quantities of lower-rank gems.



    Building the Ultimate Arsenal

    The absolute best items in Diablo Immortal will take time and effort to attain. Every item must be obtained and empowered by its user, and only the most dedicated will get access to a full arsenal of upgraded items. Our goal is for you to always have something to look forward to, and for this system to provide you with many hours of gameplay as you carefully consider your options.

    Bonus Attributes and Reforging

    Philosophy: One of our objectives for Diablo Immortal is to ensure you have plenty of goals to pursue. Ranking up Legendary items is but one of many progression paths; Reforging and Bonus Attributes can help you transform an excellent Legendary item you enjoy into something truly one-of-a-kind.

    Any single legendary item has a maximum item rank of 20. Ranking an item up to 6, 11, and 16 adds a Bonus Attribute to the item. These special affixes are rolled from a pool of six different groups.




    Once an item reaches rank 6, you can reforge it. Reforging allows you to reroll the Bonus Attributes of a Legendary item to fine-tune it for your build. You reforge items either with a normal Reforge Stone, which you can discover through gameplay, or with a specialized Reforge Stone, which you can purchase and use for a less random reroll of the item’s properties. Note that specialized Reforge Stones won’t give you better properties—just a bit more control over the Bonus Attributes your reforged item might have.

    You’ll make a lot of decisions as you pursue unique loot in Diablo Immortal. We want the itemization system to be rich and complex while preserving your ability to play at your own pace and make continual, meaningful progress. As excited as we are to enter our first public testing phase, please remember that what we’re showing is an early look at our game’s items. We’re going to take the time to listen to your feedback and give all of our loot the right polish—and we can’t wait to hear what you think.


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  • published the article Character And Skill Progression In Diablo Immortal

    Diablo IV Quarterly Update - December 2020

    Diablo Immortal Free To Play Approach And Values

    Itemization In Diablo Immortal

    Diablo Immortal Gameplay Overview

    Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha Launches

    Character And Skill Progression In Diablo Immortal

    Blizzard has detailed the character and skill progression present within the Diablo Immortal technical alpha!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

    Character and Skill Progression in Diablo Immortal

    The Technical Alpha is a small-scale, early test of Diablo Immortal that will primarily include players from Australia. You can find more details on the Technical Alpha in our Alpha Announcement blog, but even if your region isn’t part of the test, we’re not going to leave you in the dark.

    Whether you cleave monsters in half and decorate the ground with their entrails, use arcane energy to turn cultists into red mist, or put a crossbow bolt clean through one of a demon’s many eyes from halfway across the map, becoming more powerful and inflicting mayhem on the legions of the Burning Hells is the calling card of the Diablo games. Diablo Immortal is no exception to this time-honored tradition.

    We’ll go over how the classes and skill systems in Diablo Immortal empower characters to grow strong, create highly efficient character builds, and separate spines from ribcages in style.


    Meet Your Heroes

    Currently, the Technical Alpha includes four playable classes:

    • WIZARD: Wield the dread destructive power of magic to annihilate your foes.
    • BARBARIAN: Charge into battle and crush skulls with brute force and reckless abandon.
    • MONK: Take down your enemies with martial arts and ancient mysticism.
    • DEMON HUNTER: Obliterate all who stand in the way of your acrobatic dance of death.
    Party of 4 Characters

    If you’ve played Diablo games before, these classes may seem familiar, but Diablo Immortal strives to give you a fresh take on familiar class identities. Each class has access to two unique Primary Attacks and a set of Skills, some of which will be familiar to Diablo veterans and some of which break new ground. Additionally, each time you use your Primary Attack you charge up that attack’s Ultimate, which grants it a brief but powerful boost.

    Grow in Strength

    As you gain levels, you unlock new skills. Your skill power increases as your character levels up. To create your own skill build, you have one Primary Attack slot and four Skill slots, and you can freely assign skills to these slots and reassign them on the fly.


    For example, you could choose the Electrocute Basic Attack and pair it with the Meteor, Black Hole, Teleport, and Ice Crystal skills. With that setup, you can hold enemies in place with the Black Hole, drop a Meteor on them, sizzle them with Electrocute while they’re stuck together, then drop an Ice Crystal to slow advancing monsters and use Teleport for a quick getaway. Characters in Action: Wizard using Meteor, Black Hole, Teleport or Ice Crystal

    Combine the Crossbow Shot Basic Attack with the Smoke Screen, Strafe, Knife Trap, and Daring Swing skills for a hit-and-run build. Use Smoke Screen to sneak into a group of enemies, lay into them with Strafe, then escape with a Daring Swing and drop a Knife Trap to catch any monsters that chase after you.


    Try out different skill builds to find one that maximizes your fun. You should also keep an eye on Legendary Gear, which enhances and changes how some skills perform. Curious about what Legendary Gear is and how to get your hands on it? Check out our Itemization Blog.

    The Powers of the Paragon

    Paragon levels (XP-driven increases in your character’s power after hitting the level cap) return from Diablo III with a twist: in Diablo Immortal, there are ten Paragon Talent Trees that each offer unique bonuses both in the form of stat boosts and distinct perks. The four trees currently in the Alpha are:


    Four Paragon Trees


    • SURVIVOR: Talents in this tree greatly enhance your survivability when fighting monsters.
    • TREASURE HUNTER: This tree enhances your XP gains and increases your chances of finding treasure, gold, and gems.
    • VANQUISHER: If you’re looking for talents that make you more lethal when fighting monsters, look no further.
    • GLADIATOR: Talents in this tree greatly enhance your effectiveness when fighting other players.
    We plan to make additional Paragon trees available over time.


    You earn Paragon Points simply by gaining XP once you hit the level cap. You can spend these points across all the Paragon trees you have unlocked, so you could, for instance, spend one point in the Survivor tree, then the next point in the Vanquisher tree, and so on. However, while diversification is useful and even something we want to encourage, there is a catch: only one tree can be set to active at any time.


    What that means is that each Paragon tree offers Permanent Attributes and Specialization Skills. Permanent Attributes are stat boosts you get continually from points spent. Specialization Skills only benefit you when you choose to activate their Paragon tree. If you change which Paragon tree is active, you get access to a different group of Specialization Skills, but the Permanent Attributes always remain.

    Paragon Trees: a Specialization Skill selected

    For example, Vanquisher has a Passive talent that increases your Offense Rating and an Active talent called Zeal that increases your attack speed after killing monsters. If you deactivate Vanquisher and activate a different Paragon tree, Zeal will no longer function, but your Passive Offense Rating will remain.

    Where Demons Fear to Tread

    Diablo Immortal takes familiar systems and puts a new spin on them that we think will empower you to customize the abilities and skills of your characters to your heart’s content. Eviscerating monsters, tearing them limb from limb, and splattering their foul blood should be a fun, highly enjoyable experience, and we hope you’ll have the time of your life as you unleash unbridled havoc across Sanctuary. Throughout all your carnage, we'll be gathering feedback and data to help guide us in making a Diablo experience worthy of your expectations. Our team can't wait to share more with you soon!

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    Diablo IV Quarterly Update - December 2020

    Diablo Immortal Free To Play Approach And Values

    Itemization In Diablo Immortal

    Character And Skill Progression In Diablo Immortal

    Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha Launches

    Diablo Immortal Gameplay Overview

    Blizzard has posted a gameplay overview for Diablo Immortal, and it provides a deep dive into everything you will need to know to get started!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

    Diablo Immortal Gameplay Overview: Everything You Need to Know

    The Technical Alpha is a small-scale, early test of Diablo Immortal that will primarily include players from Australia. You can find more details on the Technical Alpha in our Alpha Announcement blog, but even if your region isn’t part of the test, we’re not going to leave you in the dark.

    Whether you’re a first-time Diablo player or a veteran of the fight against the Burning Hells, you should expect classically fast-paced, visceral gameplay from Diablo Immortal. We’re building the game to have deep and rewarding action-RPG systems for both solo and group play: gear progression, dungeon runs, rifts, gem-crafting, ranking up items, and even more still in development. Today, we’re going to detail several systems that’ll be playable in the alpha.

    Welcome to Sanctuary


    Diablo Immortal World MapThe world of Sanctuary

    Diablo Immortal bridges the story between Diablo II and Diablo III. Five years after the destruction of the Worldstone, Sanctuary is thrown into despair as ancient evils gather and exploit pieces of the artifact, putting humanity in more peril than ever before.


    In a moment of desperation, the archangel Tyrael destroyed the corrupted Worldstone, thinking his sacrifice would be a worthy price to end its dark influence. Yet, even in pieces, the Worldstone’s shards continue to befoul everything in their reach. New heroes are all that can stop the world from plummeting into utter chaos.


    Adventurers will travel the breadth of Sanctuary to locate the Worldstone shards and finish what Tyrael started. With the help of the last Horadrim, Deckard Cain, you'll confront reawakened evils such as the Skeleton King and his Queen, cultists who worship the bloodthirsty Countess, and corrupted rogues once led by Akara. With Diablo defeated, will the other minions of Hell rise up to start their own reign of terror? Will these evils rally behind Skarn, a lieutenant of Hell?


    Diablo Immortal Cinematics
    Cinematic storytelling in Diablo Immortal

    Exploring the World

    Your adventure begins in Wortham, where you’ll journey through an unholy forest to the town center. You’ll hunt the shards of the Worldstone through the undead-overrun Ashwold Cemetery, the cursed forests of the Dark Wood, and beneath the sands of the Shassar Sea. We’re including six distinctive zones in the alpha--each with unique horrors, quests, and loot. Travel to and from zones is achieved via waypoints you’ll discover as you explore.


    A church in Wortham
    A church in the town of Wortham

    Dungeons are prime to explore for loot and lore, as well as progressing through the main story. Dungeons in Diablo Immortal can be completed in 10-15 minutes (solo or in a party), and they are filled with monsters, gear and items. They also hold answers to some of the greatest mysteries hidden in Sanctuary’s past.


    The swamps of Bilefen
    The swamps of Bilefen

    Slay Endlessly in Rifts

    Rifts are one of Diablo Immortal’s most replayable endgame modes: step through one, and tackle ferociously difficult monsters in a randomly generated map on a time limit. They're a goldmine of loot and an opportunity to test yourself.


    Challenge Rifts let you prove your skills and earn rewards the first time you complete each difficulty level. You’ll also acquire rewards based on your placement on the weekly Challenge Rift leaderboard.


    Running an Elder Rift
    Running an Elder Rift

    Elder Rifts can be modified for increased variety and rewards with Crests: a stackable, Rift-specific item new to Diablo Immortal. Using Crests, random modifiers will be added to your Rift that can add positive or negative effects to your next run. Moreover, the increased effort yields greater rewards for the entire party—using a rare Crest will guarantee a Rune drop, and a Legendary Crest will guarantee that everyone receives a Legendary Gem.


    Modifying an Elder Rift with Crests
    Modifying your Rift

    Play Solo or Together

    In Diablo Immortal, you can play alone or with any of the other adventurers you will encounter as you explore the world. Each zone can host dozens of other players with whom you can join forces to tackle large-scale zone events and special quests that require multiple participants. If you encounter anyone you want to adventure with, you have the option to create a party of up to 4 players to continue the fun, or to form a guild to create lasting bonds and unlock even more social activities.


    Westmarch, City of the Light

    As respite from your travels, you’ll often find yourself returning to the city of Westmarch, a thriving kingdom and the capital city that hosts a ton of activities in Diablo Immortal. Here, you can access your stash, trade at the market, visit vendors (including jewelcrafters and blacksmiths who’ll help optimize your equipment), adjust the difficulty of your game, recruit fellow adventurers to join you, step into Elder Rifts, and even take on challenges posted on the city’s Bounty Boards to hunt down targets all over Sanctuary.


    The city of Westmarch
    The city of Westmarch

    Choosing your Destiny

    In Technical Alpha, we’re rolling out four classes, all of which are returning favorites from previous Diablo games. Every class boasts a unique playstyle and devastating Ultimate abilities to unleash on your enemies when the time is right.


    Each class in Diablo Immortal offers extensive versatility in skill progression. Throughout your hunt for the Worldstone shards, you’ll be able to personalize your build and fine-tune your character to play the way you want.


    Choosing a class at the selection screen
    Choosing your class

    The four classes playable in the alpha are the Barbarian, Monk, Wizard and Demon Hunter. We're planning to release games more classes in future updates, including the Crusader and Necromancer.

    Perfecting your Build with Paragon Levels

    Hitting the level cap won’t be the end of your character progression. Paragon leveling returns, modified from its first iteration in Diablo III to fit the gameplay of Diablo Immortal and evolve a familiar Diablo gameplay system.


    A paragon tree in the process of unlocking
    Unlocking Paragon abilities

    As in Diablo III, Paragon leveling unlocks upon reaching max level in Diablo Immortal. Upon unlock, you will have access to Paragon trees, each featuring several paths of powerful, learnable abilities with branching points—similar to Diablo II’s skill trees—for robust endgame build customization.


    You can find more detail about the classes, skills, and paragon system in our progression blog.


    Gearing up

    Like in every Diablo game, diverse and build-defining loot is at the heart of Diablo Immortal. You’ll find gear dropped by monsters or purchase it from NPC vendors with gold. All your gear is found through play; rare and legendary gear can be ranked up with salvaged materials.


    Your character's inventory
    Gear yourself up, and grow in power.


    Legendary Gems, Runes and Charms

    Gems can be added to a socketed piece of gear to increase its base stats. Normal gems provide increased stats such as strength or agility, while Legendary Gems also provide new capabilities, changing up your build and the way you play.


    Choosing a Legendary gem
    You can craft and upgrade Legendary gems.

    For more endgame progression, you can upgrade Legendary Gems by visiting a jewelcrafter in Westmarch. You'll use Runes, a drop also found in Elder Rifts, to craft Legendary Gems.

    Charms are another avenue for customization in Diablo Immortal; they occupy their own gear slot and carry between one and five bonuses that increase the rank of your skills.


    Using Charms to improve skills
    Charms empower your skills.

    To find more detail on all the tantalizing loot you can acquire in Diablo Immortal, including Legendary Gems, Charms, and Runes, check out our itemization blog.


    Our goal for Diablo Immortal is to offer up the dark fantasy storytelling, deep itemization, and action-RPG gameplay systems that are core to the Diablo experience. To read even more about what’s going into the game, check out our itemization and progression deep-dive blogs or return here over the coming months for updates on how the game’s coming along. Thanks for your patience as the team works hard on getting everything in Diablo Immortal just right—we’re excited to share more with you soon!

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    Diablo IV Quarterly Update - December 2020

    Diablo Immortal Free To Play Approach And Values

    Itemization In Diablo Immortal

    Character And Skill Progression In Diablo Immortal

    Diablo Immortal Gameplay Overview

    Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha Launches

    The Diablo: Immortal limited public technical alpha has launched! For more information, check out the official blog post below!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

    Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha—One Step Closer to Hell


    The Diablo Immortal team has been making great progress and we’re excited to share that we’ll soon be opening the gates of Hell for a limited public Technical Alpha. The primary goal of this Technical Alpha is to test server stability and client performance across a wide variety of devices. It’s also an opportunity for us to take in player feedback regarding our core gameplay, the initial leveling experience, and our other early gameplay systems. This will help us make sure the game feels great when it gets into everybody’s hands.


    Starting today, a limited amount of players from Australia who have pre-registered on the Google Play Store will get a direct invite to access the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha. The invites will go out to those players who pre-registered earliest, if their device meets the minimum system requirements. We’ll also be inviting some select community members to join us so we can get their invaluable feedback.


    So, what will be included in the Technical Alpha? This is an early look at Diablo Immortal—an exciting new chapter in our action role-playing game series, telling an original story that takes place between the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. It will feature intense, visceral combat; highly replayable dungeons; deep progression and itemization; and a host of never-before-seen monsters. Diablo Immortal also reimagines the dark, gothic realm of Sanctuary as a sprawling massively multiplayer world filled with deadly things hellbent on killing you.


    For those who are unable to get into the Technical Alpha, we’ve put together a treasure trove of information for you regarding all things Diablo Immortal. We have a gameplay overview blog that provides a summary of our core systems, another blog that tackles character and progression, as well as a blog focused entirely on itemization. Diablo Immortal will be free-to-play, a first for the series, so we also wanted to share our approach, which includes Blizzard’s core value of “Gameplay First”.


    Gameplay Overview


    Character and Skill Progression


    Itemization Blog
    Monetization Blog
    Free-to-Play Values


    While we were sad to miss seeing Diablo fans in person at BlizzCon this year, we look forward to the day when we’ll welcome all of you to join us in Sanctuary. For additional status updates and a place to converse with us on all things Diablo Immortal, be sure to follow @DiaboImmortal on Twitter or like our @DiabloImmortal Facebook page.

    • The Diablo Immortal Team


    Q. How do I take part in the Technical Alpha?

    A. Starting today, a limited amount of Android users who have pre-registered in Australia will be able to download the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha from the Google Play Store.


    Q. How many players will take part in the Technical Alpha? Why Australia?

    A. We anticipate a couple of thousand players will be able to take part in the Technical Alpha. Mobile game development can often benefit from multiple rounds of public testing. By holding this limited Technical Alpha in a smaller region, we’ll be able to take in valuable server stability and client performance data, as well as critical gameplay feedback, to ensure that Diablo Immortal feels like a great experience before going wider in the future.


    Q. How long will the Technical Alpha last?

    A. We are aiming to keep the Technical Alpha running for just a couple weeks of testing. This will allow us to get just the right amount of gameplay feedback as well as server stability and client performance data.


    Q. What devices does Diablo Immortal support?

    A. We are aiming to bring epic Diablo gameplay to as many devices and players as possible. The Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha will be playable on Apple devices and Android devices and have the following minimum requirements:

    • Android Minimum Requirements
      • CPU - Snapdragon 710 / Hisilicon Kirin 810 and higher
      • GPU - Adreno 616 / ARM Mali-G52 and higher
      • RAM - 2GB of RAM and higher
      • Version: Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher
    • Apple Minimum Requirements
      • iPhone 8 and higher
        • Version: iOS 12 and higher

    Q. Why only four classes?

    A. Diablo Immortal will launch with six playable classes—the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Wizard, as well as the Crusader and Necromancer. We also plan to add even more new classes to the game in the future. We are focusing our gameplay testing in the Technical Alpha on the initial four classes as the other two classes are still undergoing iteration.


    Q. What parts of Diablo Immortal are free and what do I need to pay for?

    A. Diablo Immortal is free-to-play—that includes all the story, all the classes, and as much gameplay as you want—we will never limit game time. All future content will be free as well, including additional story, new classes, and new zones. Optional in-game purchases will never stand in the way of progression or enjoying the game—they should only complement the core gameplay. For more information, see our blog.


    Q. Is Diablo Immortal “Pay-to-Win”?

    A. No. Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game where all gear is earned by players and you can’t pay your way to victory. Optional in-game purchases are cosmetic or serve to complement gameplay. For more details on our free-to-play values, see our blog.


    Q. When will Diablo Immortal be released?

    A. We do not have a release date to share at this time.

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    Diablo IV Quarterly Update - December 2020

    The final Diablo IV quarterly update of the year has been published! In this update, we get an in-depth look at how itemization is shaping up!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)


    Diablo IV Quarterly Update—December 2020

    Table of Contents


    Skills Tree

    Primary Stats

    Weapon Types

    Item Qualities

    Legendary Affixes


    Hello, and welcome once again to the Diablo IV Quarterly Update—our last for 2020!


    Progress on the game continues at a steady clip and we’re excited about several big updates and revisions that the team’s worked on for a long time that we are trying to complete before the holidays. Today’s topic centers on one such major revision, which also happens to be the most requested topic this year: Itemization.


    Items are the lifeblood of Diablo. They are the element of the game that captures your imagination and keeps you playing and wondering, “What if?” after you put the game down. Whether it’s anticipating the next piece of perfectly rolled godly gear or kicking around item combinations in your head like a mad scientist, items are undoubtedly a major part of what makes Diablo so compelling and so different from other games.


    Understanding how important it is to get itemization right, we paid special attention to early player feedback about this part of the game. We knew that many more iterations awaited between what we showed you at BlizzCon 2019, our follow-up blogs, and the final game release. We also knew from past Diablo entries that we will need to have the time and resources to make these iterations—thankfully, we have that baked into our current schedule. Getting all of your feedback encouraged us to move some of that iteration time forward so that we could get our newest direction in front of you sooner.


    Lead Game Designer Joe Shely is going to walk us through all of our major itemization updates today. We’ve reviewed every aspect of itemization from top to bottom and reworked elements that we felt weren’t living up to their potential—from the individual stats that our classes tap into to the visual representation of items in your inventory. Of course, it’s still early and we still have lots more playtesting and iterating to do, but we think this direction puts us down a more solid foundational path and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you today.


    You can keep tabs on what we’re up to on social media, and as always, please tell us what you think of this update on our forums and all your favorite places to talk Diablo! We’re probably hanging out there too, and we’ll continue to look out for popular topics to tackle in future blogs.


    Speaking of which, our next update will take place during BlizzConline, rather than in blog form. We’ve read speculation about what it could be and want to ensure you that it is something chunky indeed. Without spoiling the surprise, Iet’s just say it involves a new version of the campfire scene we showed you last BlizzCon.


    Thank you all, and see you in Hell!


    -Luis Barriga,

    Game Director, Diablo IV


    Today we're going to look at some changes to items in Diablo IV and update you on a few things we've shared in our previous development blogs. In deciding what changes to make, we focused on three core ideals:


    • First, we want to strengthen class identity by providing intuitive fantasy hooks. Items and skills that lean into the fantasy of your class are best.
    • Second, we want to support deeper customization through our itemization. Items should support and enhance your class, not define it.
    • Finally, we’re landing on overall depth somewhere between Diablo II and Diablo III. We aim to provide years of things to discover and countless ways to build a class.

    Skill Tree

    Since releasing the last quarterly blog post on the skill tree, we've been reviewing all of your feedback. Our team has also had a lot of hands-on time with our skill trees in frequent internal playtests, including an extended progression playtest. Based on this, we're confident that it's a solid direction, so we're going to iterate on it and make further improvements. For example, we're increasing the clustering of related skill nodes, so players don't have to go across the tree to find skill upgrades for their builds.


    The ability to re-specialize or 'respec' your skills is a tricky one to balance. Like many of you, we want choices to matter and characters to feel different from each other—not just one click away from being identical to all the others. We also want to encourage players to experiment with different skills when they start playing, and discover builds that are right for them. In Diablo IV, you will be able to respec your skills and passives. The number of times you can do this will be unlimited, but it won’t be free. It will be easy to do when you first start a character; as your character grows, the effort and cost required to respec will grow too. In the end-game, changing your build will require a significant investment, to appropriately match the time and effort you’ve put into defining your character.


    Primary Stats

    In our last blog, we agreed with your feedback that too much of a character's power came from the items they wore. And we liked the imagery conjured by the phrases “Angelic Power” and “Demonic Power,” but they didn't reinforce the fantasy of what being a Barbarian, a Sorcerer, or a Druid is all about. So we went back to our roots and looked at the classic RPG elements of early Diablo games. What are you really doing when you wade through a horde of monsters and emerge a level higher on the other side? You're training; you're practicing a skill; you're getting better at what you do. Becoming stronger, and smarter.



    After gaining a level, our barbarian has received 5 Stat points and 2 Skill points to spend.


    When you gain a level, you'll receive points to spend in Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, or Willpower, along with your skill points. Of course, most Barbarian builds are going to benefit from a healthy measure of Strength, but as you build out your character and decide on skills and synergies you'll want to mix in other attributes.



    As a Barbarian, each point of Strength will increase the damage of your skills, while Willpower improves Fury generation, and Dexterity grants critical chance. Meanwhile, as a Sorceress, Intelligence increases skill damage, Willpower grants critical chance, and Dexterity hastens mana recovery. Each stat also confers a secondary defensive bonus.


    You can supplement your character's stat build with items to give you a little more Willpower here, a little more Strength there, but the vast majority of your stats will come from how you choose to spend your points.


    And here's where it gets really interesting. Many of the nodes in each class skill tree have additional effects if you meet specific primary stat thresholds. You'll get the baseline effect of these nodes when you spend the skill points to unlock them, but get enough of the corresponding primary stat and the bonus effect will activate.



    You'll want to think carefully about how to allocate your stat points to activate these effects.


    Now, let's talk items!

    Weapon Types

    As we hinted at in our last blog, we're making substantial changes to core itemization.


    We’ll start by looking at the many different weapons available to classes in Diablo IV. Our weapon types look visually distinct and have meaningful effects on gameplay through features like the Barbarian's Arsenal. We've also done a lot of work in the game engine to make weapons feel more real and physical, like the Barbarian carving a trough through the ground with their mace during Upheaval.



    Characters in Diablo IV use their weapons to perform skills and channel magical power.


    But something was still missing. Wands should be faster than quarterstaves, and swords and maces should do different things. To see what that feels like in action, we've added weapon speeds and inherent characteristics to all weapons in our latest internal test environment.



    Two different weapon choices for a level 20 Sorceress.


    In general, one-handed weapons excel at letting you attack and reposition quickly, while slower two-handed weapons deal more damage. You can really feel the differences between them.




    You can opt for a Staff to cast more damaging Frost bolts, or a Wand to channel them more quickly.


    In addition to speed, each type of weapon has an inherent physical characteristic. For shields this is block value, meaning that any shield you find in Sanctuary is going to have block, in addition to any magical affixes it may have. As physical properties, these traits are consistent across all weapons of the same type and cannot be modified.



    The physical characteristics of a weapon are shown above the separator in item tooltips. Here we see examples of a shield, wand, and axe.


    You might notice another thing about these items: they're high-resolution renders of the actual equipment. In a game like Diablo, icons are important. They often contribute as much to the identity of a cool piece of loot as the in-game representation on your character. Items that don't appear on your character, like rings, are defined by their icons. We've upgraded all of them.


    Item Qualities

    We’ve also made some exciting changes to the game’s item qualities. Philosophically, we like the clarity of analysis afforded by clearly understood item tiers. In other words, we think players of all skill levels benefit from not having to scrutinize every single item that drops to see if it might be an upgrade for them—blue Magic items are good, but yellow Rares are usually better. There’s a great feeling of progression when you graduate into items with greater complexity, more powerful effects, and cooler looks as you level up. And the game-changing powers found on the Legendary items in Diablo III are exciting and offer many possible effects that just aren't possible with regular affixes.


    That said, we don't want to end up in a place where the right decision is to ignore every item that doesn't have a glowing orange sky-beam.


    So, we're making a lot of exciting changes here. We’re increasing the potential power of individual affixes on Magic items. We're increasing the maximum number of affixes on Rare and better items in the endgame. Legendary affixes now roll randomly (Yes, really!) on Legendary Items. And Unique items will replace Mythics.



    Magic items can now have the most powerful regular affixes, while Rare items get up to five, and Legendary items have four regular affixes and one legendary affix.


    Legendary Affixes

    You can think of Legendary items as Rare items with one affix replaced with a legendary effect. These new legendary affixes work just like regular affixes, in that they can roll randomly on different items and in different slots. Many can be used by any class, while some are specific to a particular class.



    Can't decide between making your Chill effects Freeze faster or more damaging ground effects for your boots? No problem! Legendary affixes aren't restricted to a specific slot


    You'll notice a variety of our affixes in the examples above, including elemental resistances and sockets for gems and runes, which can appear on items in place of another affix. And of course, Attack comes from your weapons while Defense comes from your armor. With the increase to the maximum number of affixes available on items, we'll also be adding new affixes to the game to make sure there's plenty of diversity.



    Unique items are making a comeback in a big way in Diablo IV. We're embracing the fantasy of these build-around items with completely fixed affixes, heavily thematic and usually class-specific powers, and distinctive looks.



    Three Unique items available at level 20. A Unique will always appear with the same affixes.


    We still like the idea of Mythic items, but we don't want to create an item quality that invalidates all others, so they're out for now. One of the things we loved most about them was the promise of getting random legendary powers on an item, so we folded that into our baseline legendary design.


    With the addition of the skills and passives tree, primary stat points, and changes to items in Diablo IV, we can’t wait to see all the builds you’ll create. Maybe you'll focus on skills augmented by Uniques we designed, create something from scratch out of different legendary affixes, discover a creative pairing of primary stats with specific skills, or even incorporate the odd Rare or Magic item to maximize a specific affix to great effect.


    We’re excited to read through the community feedback on the updates in this blog. As always, please remember that none of this is final as the game is still actively in development. Your constructive discussions around these features will continue to help Diablo IV, and we greatly appreciate your support and thoughts about the game. We will continue working on itemization throughout the development of Diablo IV and we are looking forward to seeing you at BlizzConline next year! We have lots to share in 2021 regarding some of our other features and we can’t wait to tell you all about them.


    -Joe Shely,

    Lead Game Designer, Diablo IV

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     Season 22: Shades of the Nephalem



    Season 22 introduces the Shades of the Nephalem theme! During Season 22, activating a Shrine or Pylon will spawn in a shadow clone of your class. The clone's power will scale with your character and will last for one minute or until death. In addition, for the duration of Season 22, Kanai's Cube will have a fourth slot! You will have the option to choose any power for this one, but it won't stack with powers from other slots.


    Season 22 begins on Friday, November 20th at 5:00pm in each region. Season 22 goes live on all Consoles world wide at 5:00pm PST, the same time as PC in North America. For timezone conversion, visit this site!






    Table of Contents

     DiabloFans Discord

    Join us on our Discord server! It's the perfect place for finding people to group with, get your questions answered, and stay up to date on the latest news! You can join our server by clicking on the banner below, or by going here


    If you don't use Discord you're missing out, but you can also find people to play with by using our forums! 



     Haedrig's Gift & Seasonal Rewards

    Completing Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the Seasonal Journey will reward you with three of Haedrig’s Gifts. Each Gift contains a few pieces from one of your Class Sets. Players can only unlock one Class Set in this manner per Season across Hardcore and Non-Hardcore, so choose wisely!


    The set you will receive depends on the class of the character you’re playing when you open each Haedrig’s Gift. To collect a full Class Set, you’ll need to open all three on the same character.


    Here are the sets granted by Haedrig’s Gift in Season 21:


    • BarbarianHorde of the Ninety Savages
    • CrusaderAegis of Valor
    • Demon HunterGears of Dreadlands
    • MonkPatterns of Justice
    • NecromancerMasquerade of the Burning Carnival
    • Witch DoctorMundunugu's Regalia
    • WizardTyphon's Veil


    In Season 17, Blizzard began re-introducing previous Seasonal rewards to make them available to players who may have missed them the first time around. This means that for Season 22, awards originally available from Season 10 are returning to the Season Journey.



    Blizzard is continuing to provide new End of Journey rewards as was introduced in Season 17, with two new cosmetic rewards for those who complete the entirety of the Season Journey. These rewards will be the Book of Cain pet and the Lost Civilization Portrait Frame.



     Seasonal Conquests

     Want to prepare your Conquests plans for Season 22? Here are all the conquests you'll face this season!


    • Sprinter & Speed Racer
    • Boss Mode & Worlds Apart
    • On A Good Day & I Can't Stop
    • Years of War & Dynasty
    • Masters of the Universe & Masters of Sets


     Season 22 Starter Guides

    Any players looking to level quickly and get the best start to Season 22 should browse the selection of starter guides from various content creators below! If you're looking for a level 1 blood shard gambling guide, AlexRaEU previously posted a comprehensive spreadsheet on the r/Diablo Subreddit!

    Season 22 Class Starter Guide from Bluddshed:



    Ultimate Seasonal Starter Guide:


    Seasonal Leveling Guides:

    Master theory-crafter sVr recently uploaded a very advanced leveling strategy last season that utilizes Necromancers, Cursed Chests, and huge killstreaks to reach level 70 in just over 50 minutes. We do not suggest this method for new players, and only players looking to min-max their leveling experience with like-minded players should try this. This method was made slightly easier in Season 21 due to the increased damage to Corpse Explosion and the Grasps of the Essence. Additionally, diabloseasons.com is a great resource for any average player looking reach level 70 quickly!




    Level With A Cause

    Level With A Cause (#LWAC), a coalition of streamers from the Diablo 3 community, will be uniting once again for a charity fundraising event during the first three days of the Season 22 opening weekend in Diablo 3. This marks the team’s 11th event over the last few years. Several Diablo 3 community members will be holding live-streams during this weekend in support of this charity drive. During these live-streams, viewers will be able to donate to the SaveTheChildren charity organization. 

    Level With A Cause was founded prior to the start of Season 11 of Diablo 3 and has been a mainstay of the opening weekend of each new season since that time. The LWAC team has raised over $60,000 to date for deserving charities such as Save The Children, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Take This. LWAC hopes to continue to grow and raise even more money for charities in the future. If you are a streamer looking to participate, more info can be found on the LWAC website. As a viewer, you can simply search for LWAC within stream titles on Twitch during the November 20th to 22nd event.

    In the U.S. and around the world, Save The Children gives children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. When crisis strikes, they are always among the first to respond and the last to leave. They do whatever it takes to save children, transforming their lives and the future we share.


    You can donate to the Level With a Cause charity event here!


    Challenge Rift - Week 178

    Challenge Rift Week 178 is live! Because Season 22 begins this Friday, we advise that you DO NOT complete the challenge rift until after you've made your seasonal character! This week the Challenge Rift features three different Barbarian builds! If you are curious how Challenge Rift builds are chosen each week, you can view this official blog post!



    Patch 2.6.10 Changes

    Patch 2.6.10 features several balance changes, new items, and a 4th Kanai's Cube slot for the duration of Season 22!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)


    Season 22 – Shades of the Nephalem Begins November 20

    Update on November 10: Patch 2.6.10 is now LIVE! 


    Season 22 will begin on November 20, at 5PM (PST/CET/KST) shortly after our next Diablo III update. Read on to learn more about the brand-new Season theme, Haedrig's Gift updates, new items and tons of Legendary item changes coming in Patch 2.6.10! We are expecting this update to be released on November 10. 



    Table of Contents

    New Season Theme

    Nephalem, do you feel it? All around, the shadows of the past linger, waiting for an opportunity to channel their power once more and aid you against the minions of hell. Will you stand up to the challenge and accept the aid of these erstwhile spirits? The Shades of the Nephalem await....


    During Season 22, activating a Shrine or Pylon will spawn in a shadow clone of your class. The clone's power will scale with your character and will last for one minute or until death.


    Shadow Clones in action


    In addition, for the duration of Season 22, Kanai's Cube will have a fourth slot. You will have the option to choose any power for this one, but it won't stack with powers from other slots.


    Kanai's Cube fourth slot


    Seasonal Cosmetic Rewards

    Beginning with Season 17, we began reintroducing previous rewards to make them available to players who may have missed them the first time around. For Season 22, this means awards originally available from Season 10 are returning. In addition to the Head and Shoulder slots of the exclusive Conqueror Set, you’ll be able to earn the Black Soulstone themed portraits and the scholarly Loremaster pennant first introduced in Season 10.




    However, we know it’s nice to have something new to aim for if you’ve participated in previous Seasons. We’re continuing to provide new End of Journey rewards as introduced in Season 17, with two new cosmetic ones for those who complete the entirety of the Season journey. Prove your worth alongside the Shades of the Nephalem and complete the Season 22 Guardian Journey to earn the Book of Cain pet and the Lost Civilization Portrait Frame. 



    Season Journey Rewards

    If you’ve been diligently slaying demons before and reached Conqueror in the Season Journey each time, you’ve surely accrued a few extra stash tabs. You’ll earn one additional tab each Season by finishing the Conqueror tier, up to a maximum of five:

    • Guardian of Sanctuary: Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment XIII difficulty within five minutes.
    • Gem of My Life: Level three Legendary Gems to level 55.
    • All I Do is Win: Complete two Conquests this Season.
    • Life Goes On: Kill Maghda at level 70 in under 15 seconds on Torment XIII difficulty.
    • Money Ain’t a Thang: Slay Greed on Torment XIII difficulty. Treasure Goblins outside of Nephalem Rifts will sometimes open portals to Greed’s domain, The Vault.
    • Take U There: Reach Greater Rift Level 60 Solo. Greater Rift keystones can be obtained from any Nephalem Rift guardian.
    • Power Amplification: Use Kanai’s Cube to augment an Ancient Legendary item with a level 50+ gem.
    • Cubic Reconfiguration: Use Kanai’s Cube to reforge a Legendary item.

    Seasonal Conquests

    Seasonal Conquests are additional goals you can complete as part of our Season Journey. To earn all the cosmetic rewards, you'll need to complete at least three of the Conquests below. The challenges available in Season 22 include:

    • Sprinter and Speed Racer task you with completing Acts I through V at max level in under one hour.
    • Want to go fast while killing things? Boss Mode and Worlds Apart are right up your alley. 
    • On A Good Day and I Can’t Stop are making a return, if leveling your Legendary Gems is more your thing.
    • Finally, if you’re keen to prove your mastery of various Class Sets, Years of War and Dynasty will be returning along with Masters of the Universe and Masters of Sets. Best of luck!

    Haedrig’s Gift

    Finally, the Class Sets rewarded for completing certain chapters in the Season Journey courtesy of Haedrig’s Gift have rotated once more. We’ve listed the available Sets below. For those new to Seasons, here’s how it works:

    Completing Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the Season Journey will reward you with three of Haedrig’s Gifts. These contain a few pieces from one of your Class Sets. Players can only unlock one Class Set in this manner per Season across Hardcore and Non-Hardcore, so choose wisely!

    The set you receive depends on the class of the character you’re playing when you open each Haedrig’s Gift. To collect a full Class Set, you’ll need to open all three on the same character. For the first time in Season 22, Haedrig's Gift will grant the all-new class sets introduced in the three previous Seasons:

    Here are the sets granted by Haedrig’s Gift in Season 22:

    • Barbarian - Horde of the Ninety Savages
    • Crusader - Aegis of Valor
    • Demon Hunter - Gears of Dreadlands
    • Monk - Patterns of Justice
    • Witch Doctor - Mundunugu’s Regalia
    • Wizard - Typhon’s Veil
    • Necromancer - Masquerade of the Burning Carnival


    Patch Notes

    Below you will find the patch notes for the upcoming update for Diablo III, Patch 2.6.10.


    PATCH 2.6.10

    Table of Contents:

    Note: All changes apply to all versions of Diablo III, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC unless otherwise indicated.




    The shadows, they are moving, and they seem… animated. It is as though they have a will of their own. Whatever this trickery is, perhaps you can use it to your advantage. Let’s see what the demons say when you fight side by side with your own shadow!

    Shadows of the Past: Activating a Shrine/Pylon will spawn in a shadow clone of your class. This clone will randomly have 1 out of 3 predetermined builds. This clone's power will scale with your character and will last for 1 minute or if your character dies. See below for the shadow clone variations that can spawn when activating.


    Witch Doctor

    Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3
    Grasp of the Dead - Rain of Corpses Wall of Death - Fire Wall Haunt - Poisoned Spirit 
    Piranhas - Zombie Piranhas Firebomb - Flash Fire Spirit Barrage - The Spirit is Willing
    Zombie Charger - Zombie Bears Acid Cloud - Acid Rain Wall of Death - Communing with Spirits
    Corpse Spiders - Medusa Spiders Piranhas - Zombie Piranhas Piranhas - Zombie Piranhas
    Locust Swarm - Diseased Swarm Zombie Charger - Explosive Beast Acid Cloud - Slow Burn
    Acid Cloud - Kiss of Death Spirit Barrage - Well of Souls Grasp of the dead - Unbreakable Grasp



    Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3
    Arcane Orb - Frozen Orb Meteor - Molten Impact Arcane Orb - Obliteration
    Frost Nova - Frozen Mist Arcane Orb - Scorch Disintegrate - Volatility
    Blizzard - Unrelenting Storm Explosive Blast - Short Fuse Wave of Force - Debilitating Force
    Energy Twister - Raging Storm Blizzard - Apocalypse Slow Time - Exhaustion
    Explosive Blast - Obliterate Wave of Force - Heat Wave Energy Twister - Raging Storm
    Ray of Frost - Black Ice Disintegrate - Convergence Meteor - Star Pact



    Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3
    Seismic Slam - Rumble Battle Rage - Marauder's Rage Battle Rage - Ferocity
    Threatening Shout - Falter Threatening Shout - Falter Threatening Shout - Falter
    Avalanche - Volcano Wrath of The Berserker - Insanity Leap - Launch
    Earthquake - Molten Fury Sprint - Run Like the Wind Wrath of The Berserker - Insanity
    Wrath of The Berserker - Insanity Whirlwind - Dust Devils Bash - Pulverize
    Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss Rend - Lacerate Hammer of The Ancients - Rolling Thunder



    Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3
    Lashing Tail Kick - Sweeping Armada Fists of Thunder - Static Charge Exploding Palm - Essence Burn
    Seven-Sided Strike - Fulminating Onslaught Way of the Hundred Fists - Hands of Lightning Seven-Sided Strike - Sudden Assault
    Inner Sanctuary - Intervene Crippling Wave - Concussion Lashing Tail Kick - Spinning Flame Kick
    Epiphany - Soothing Mist Seven-Sided Strike - Incinerate Sweeping Wind - Fire Storm
    Breath of Heaven - Circle of Scorn Wave of Light - Pillar of the Ancients Wave of Light - Explosive Light
    Wave of Light - Empowered Wave Sweeping Wind - Cyclone Epiphany - Inner Fire



    Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3
    Land of the Dead - Plaguelands Land of the Dead - Plaguelands Land of the Dead - Plaguelands
    Frailty - Early Grave Frailty - Early Grave Frailty - Early Grave
    Army of the Dead - Dead Storm Army of the Dead - Blighted Grasp Corpse Lance - Blood Lance
    Corpse Explosion - Final Embrace Corpse Lance - Ricochet Bone Spear - Shatter
    Bone Spear - Blood Spear Bone Spear - Blighted Marrow Death Nova - Bone Nova
    Death Nova - Blood Nova Death Nova - Blight  


    Demon Hunter

    Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3
    Marked for Death - Valley of Death Marked for Death - Valley of Death Marked for Death - Valley of Death
    Caltrops - Jagged Spikes Rain Of Vengeance - Dark Cloud Rain Of Vengeance - Shade
    Fan of Knives - Assassin's Knives Cluster Arrow - Shooting Stars Cluster Arrow - Maelstrom
    Chakram - Twin Chakrams Multishot - Arsenal Impale - Overpenetration
    Vengeance - Side Cannons Vengeance - Personal Mortar Chakram - Serpentine
    Impale - Ricochet Elemental Arrow - Immolation arrow Elemental Arrow - Frost Arrow


    Build Variation 1 Build Variation 2 Build Variation 3
    Akarat's Champion - Fire Starter Akarat's Champion - Hasteful Akarat's Champion - Rally
    Falling Sword - Superheated Iron Skin - Flash Falling Sword - Rapid Descent
    Sweep Attack - Blazing Sweep Blessed Shield - Shattering Throw Heaven's Fury - Split Fury
    Consecration - Shattered Ground Consecration - Bathed in Light Fist of the Heavens - Retribution
    Bombardment - Annihilate Blessed Hammer - Limitless Iron Skin - Explosive Skin
    Condemn - Reciprocate Condemn - Unleashed Condemn - Shattering Explosion


    Kanai’s Cube: Kanai’s Cube will have a fourth slot this season. This fourth slot will have the choices of the first 3 slots but will not stack with any of them. The intent is to provide players with creative flexibility to their character builds.




    • Haedrig’s Gifts now grants all class sets and we have a new rotation schedule. This upcoming season, depending on which class you choose, Haedrig’s Gifts will reward you with Horde of the Ninety Savages, Aegis of Valor, Gears of Dreadlands, Patterns of Justice, Masquerade of the Burning Carnival, Mundunugu’s Regalia, or Typhon’s Veil.
    • Stone Gauntlets now drops for all classes.
    • Paragon Bonus Gold Find has been changed to Gold Pickup Radius at 0.1 per point.

    Item Changes

    • New Item* Gelmindor’s Marrow Guards: Bone Spear cast from Simulacrums deal 300-400% increased damage.
    • Ivory Tower: Rapid multiple blocks will now scale the damage for Fires of Heaven, up to a maximum of 2.5 times damage.
    • Mantle of Channeling: Removed the 1-second start up before the power takes effect.
    • The Twisted Sword: The Twisted Sword: Energy Twister damage is increased by 125-150% for each Energy Twister you have out up to a maximum of 5. The Raging Storm rune is automatically applied to Energy Twister and allows the tornado to merge with 3 additional Energy Twisters. 
    • Etched Sigil: While channeling Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, or Ray of Frost, the damage of your Energy Twister is increased by 200-250%, and you also cast Energy Twister every second.
    • Fragment of Destiny: Your Signature Spells attack 50% faster and deal triple damage. You gain a Spectral buff whenever you land an attack with a Signature Spell. Hydras deal 25-30% increased damage for each Spectral stack. Max 10 stacks.
    • Valthek's Rebuke: Energy Twister now travels in a straight path and deals 300-400% increased damage.
    • Winter Flurry: Enemies killed by Cold damage have a 25% chance to release a Frost Nova. Your Hydra deals 125-150% increased damage to enemies in a Blizzard.
    • Wizardspike: Performing an attack has a 25% chance to hurl a Frozen Orb. Arcane Orb deals 300-350% increased damage.
    • Delsere's Magnum Opus: 6-piece bonus increased from 8500% to 12500%.
    • The Typhon's Veil: 6-piece bonus increased from 1300% to 2000%.
    • Norvald's Fervor: Increased 2-piece bonus damage from 100% to 400%
    • Armor of Akkhan: Increased 6-piece bonus damage from 1500% to 2000%
    • Roland's Legacy: Increased 4-piece bonus damage from 13,000% to 17,500%
    • Seeker of the Light: Increased 6-piece Blessed Hammer bonus damage from 12,000% to 15,000%
    • Belt of the Trove: Every 4 seconds, call down Bombardment on a random nearby enemy. Bombardment deals 400-500% increased damage.
    • Mortal Drama: Double the number of Bombardment impacts. Bombardement deals 400-500% increased damage.
    • Thorns of The Invoker: 2-Piece bonus decreased from 350% to 90% and has a cap of 10 stacks. 6-piece bonus increased from 15,000% to 67,500% and increased attack speed bonus from 50% to 100%.
    • Manajuma's Way: Angry Chicken explosion damage increased from 400% to 2000%. Manajuma's Way now includes a third legendary affix, which allows angry chicken to spawn a chicken that seeks enemies every second that deals 25% of the angry chicken's explosion damage. 
    • New Item* Ursua's Trodden Effigy: New Witch Doctor Legendary Mojo. Zombie Charger deals 100-150% increased damage. The Zombie Bears rune now summons 8 bears that travel farther.
    • Spirit of Arachyr: Increased 6-piece bonus damage from 9000% to 17,500%.
    • Helltooth Harness: Increased 6-piece bonus damage from 9000% to 17,500%.
    • Scrimshaw: Reduces the Mana cost of Zombie Charger by 75% and increases its damage by 6-7 times.
    • Inna's Mantra: Increased 6-piece bonus damage from 750% to 950%.
    • Shenlong's Spirit: Damage bonus increased from 200% to 350%.
    • Uliana's Strategem Set: Now has 77% damage reduction for 7 seconds after applying Exploding Palm.
    • Gungdo Gear: Exploding Palm's on-death explosion applies Exploding Palm. Exploding Palm's damage is increased by 75-100%.
    • Blade of the Tribes: War Cry and Threatening Shout cause an Avalanche and Earthquake. Avalanche and Earthquake both deal 600-800% increased damage. Consolidated Blade of the Tribes Earthquake affix into the new legendary affix so that it's no longer two affixes that buff Earthquake.

    Bug Fixes and Misc Updates

    • Updated game client to allow in-game entry of passwords longer than 16 characters.
    • Fixed an issue with PC Win32 (32-bit) and macOS clients crashing.
    • Fixed Wizardspike to more properly proc Frozen Orb.
    • Simulacrums casting Grim Scythe with Haunted Visions no longer gain double benefit from Trag’Ouls Corroded Fang.
    • Blessed Hammer will now destroy itself after hitting 63 targets.
    • Fixed legacy items stacking with the new items: Gundo Gear, Blade of the Tribes, Scrimshaw, Belt of the Trove, Mortal Drama, Winter Flurry, Wizardspike, Etched Sigil, and Fragment of Destiny.
    • Fixed Necromancer's pets doing extra damage to cursed enemies from a bug caused by the original fix for Haunted Visions + Trag'Ouls Corroded Fang.
    • Fixed an issue with Trag'oul's Corroded Fang not properly applying the correct bonuses to pets.
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