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    I've been playing wow for over 6-7 years, from Vanilla to Cataclysm and for me, the game has been going downhill after Burning Crusade. When Blizzard decided to make most of the content 'available' to the casuals, it killed it for me. I has been raiding all my life..(wow life... xD) and i was proud to display my Hand of Adal of champions of the naaru titles, ride my Amani WAR bear... or simply be the one to call Nightbane in karazhan because i had done all the pre-quests... Removal of attunements, tuning down of the game.. all those decision that blizzard took to give a chance to the casual players to see endgame, ruined the game for me. I stuck around for 2 expansions, but the constant nerfing of content/buffing the players is just taking everything out of a kill. Idk, thats just my opinion, if wow was like it was in Burning crusade, before the nerfs and removal of attunements, id still be playing the hell outta that game!!

    Perhaps Mists of pandaria will bring good old stuff back! plus, i have signed up for a year subscription for diablo 3 lol xD so ill definitly have a chance to hop on that when it comes out :P
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