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    posted a message on Serpent's Sparker Method to get it in less than 1 hour.

    So I am running the Lighting Hydra Archon build and like so may others I couldn't find the Serpent's Sparker but after a bit of thinking I tried out my theory and got it on my 3rd roll.

    The trick is realizing that it starts dropping at Level 31. So I re-rolled a wizard and had a friend power level me to 31 in a neph rift in about 10 min. Then I got the resources required to Cube a yellow wand to legendary. There are only 2 or 3 wands on the list at level 31. I went to the act 1 camp and used the cubed ( Im not sure if this is necessary or not but it takes two seconds to do and not worth the risk) Third roll of the cube i had the Sparker's. After that I put the wand in my bank and relogged with my level 70 wiz. I re-rolled the wand on my level 70 wiz and got decent level 70 stats. I was done in less than a half hour. From eveywhere i have read I never saw this method. Hope this helps.

    This only dawned on me after looking for the Ring of Royal Grandeur forever. Then I read these forums and realized it dropped in the Act 1 bounties. This method could work for other things like this.

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