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    Yes by not playing you surely tell blizzard to provide content for a game they've stopped developing content for. -.-"

    Diablo 3 will be kept alive simply the way that Warcraft 3, Diablo 2 etc currently are.

    All one can hope for is a blizzcon reveal this year for a new diablo installment with some real effort put into it.

    That said, I like diablo 3 for what it is, but if I want a real fix for my ARPG (as its apprently now called, still remember when this was hack n' slash....)

    I'll play PoE, Grim Dawn or even Wolcen for now :P

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    Quote from fariseo

    It sounds like you've never worked in your life
    Also,15 euros to reply the same fcking playstile we played the last 10 seasons... worth it yeah.. go on and enjoy it.
    What? I'm sorry, but that is an below average salary Im refering to, most countries earn more... I cant help that you're worse off.
    I still enjoy the playstyle of D3, this pack was never going to change that. Its not an expansion and they wont release one for D3 either.
    Why complain about a game you clearly dont enjoy anymore? Just move on. As I explained, to most western countries, that price is barely anything on a normal salary and as such its a fair price for the hours you get out of it.
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    Seriously 15 dollars is like 1,5 hours of work in most EU countries and I do hope in USA as well...

    Compare that to the easy 20 minimun hours of fun you get out of a new class, well worth the price.

    Thinking that it would be any less is childish at best, I honestly expected either 19.99 or 24.99, so I'm pleased.

    And so what if base diablo was 30 or 45 with reaper, that released 4 years ago. 4 years of entertainment and god forbid you spend some money on a well developed new class to the game.

    Seriously, blizzard has the most dedicated hate-posters of any company -.-"

    But sure, whine and ruin every community site out there with complaints instead of actual game discussion. And then they complain that Blizzard ruins the community... yeah sure.

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