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    sex, drugs and videotapes.
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    Quote from "Seth" »
    I suck at JSP. Tried it a bunch of times- I think I have three accounts there- and I just can't do it :rolleyes:

    you can't do that!!! lol
    you can get banned for it.. if you want i can sell your shit.. i'm pretty trusted on there.. lol but gotta figure out where how to install d2 tonight without the cd's and find my cd keys lol... or ill buy the battle chest tomorow morning.. gah...
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    Quote from "Seth" »
    Saying anything that applies to rule 1A in the form of a reputation point comment.

    you are always trying to boss people around kid.. stop it.


    one of which is negative.. =/ thought i'd have hella negative rep.
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    EGM scans, talks about random events....
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    Quote from "winstonthe4th" »
    Gah, you completely missed me saying that I called Blizz Sorc before Brett.

    yea i totally missed you post... sry win..

    ne way.. passed that gay test i was studying for. only missed one..
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