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    posted a message on Almost everyone and his grandmother is Using TurboHUD

    with thub maphack u know where to go.no deadends so u win time for rift-grifts. for push u see the map and pylons positions. also last or two years ago thud was in law fight with blizz and lost many millions. thud site shut down. now maybe the same gonna happen with unannounce ban wave for use this 3rd party tool

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    posted a message on Shadow impale or Multishot UE for DB farming?

    multishot build for the win.

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    posted a message on season 12 journey quests

    hi. i ll put a brick at D3 community. the season 12 journey tracker

    1- chapter 1

    complete rift

    complete 5 bounties

    put 5 gems in your gear

    blacksmith raise to level10

    jeweler raise to level10

    mystic raise to level10

    kill malthael

    kill azmodan

    raise to level 50 your char

    2-chapter 2

    complete rift expert or higher

    craft lvl70 weapon or armor

    fully equip your follower

    raise blacksmith-jeweler-mystic to lvl12

    find kanai's cube

    reach lvl70

    kill diablo at lvl60 and hard or higher

    kill siegebreaker at lvl60 and hard or higher

    craft lvl70 ring or amulet

    replace a property on an item at mystic

    transmog and item at mystic

    3-chapter 3

    complete rift at master or higher

    craft imperial gem

    spend blood shards at kadala

    kill rakanoth at lvl70 master

    kill izual at lvl70 master

    get act1 bounty cache

    get act2 bounty cache

    get act3 bounty cache

    get act4 bounty cache

    get act5 bounty cache

    extract an item at cube

    4-chapter 4

    nephalem rift lvl 70 torment1

    reforge weapon with socket at mystic

    keywarden act1 kill at torment4

    keywarden act2 kill at torment4

    keywarden act3 kill at torment4

    keywarden act4 kill at torment4

    kill butcher torment2 lvl70

    kill urzael torment4 lvl70

    reach greater rift solo 20

    upgrade rare item to legendary at cube

    learn 5books to blacksmith

    learn 5books to jeweler


    rift torment 5 lvl70

    one legendary gem to lvl25

    kill uber boss torment1 realm regret

    kill uber boss torment1 realm putridness

    get legendary from kadala

    complete a dungeon

    kill zoltun kulle torment7 lvl70

    kill ghom torment7 lvl70

    greater solo 30

    kanais cube fill with 1item at least per slot (armor-weapon-ring)


    rift torment 10 under 6mins

    3 legendary gems to lvl35

    craft flawless gem at jeweler

    kill uber boss torment 10 realm fright

    kill uber boss torment 10 realm terror

    master any dungeon

    kill cydaee torment 10

    kill adria torment 10

    reach solo 40

    convert set item at cube


    finish rift torment12 under 6mins

    3legendary gems to lvl45

    craft hellfire amulet

    complete 1 conquest

    kill magdha torment13

    kill belial torment13

    reach solo50

    extract 20items to kanai's cube


    rift torment 13 under 5mins

    3legendary gems to lvl55

    complete 2 conquests

    kill araneae torment 13 under 30seconds

    kill greed torment13 the vault boss

    reach solo60

    caldesan to an item at least legendary gem 50

    reforge a legendary item to kanai's cube


    rift torment13 under 4mins

    3legendary gems to lvl70

    complete 3 conquests

    kill skeleton king torment 13 under 15seconds

    reach solo70

    extract 40items to kanai's cube

    conquests season12

    level 3legendary gems to 65 softcore or hardcore

    reach solo 45 without set items only legendary items softcore or hardcore

    kill 350 mobs at curse chest softcore or hardcore (info for free act5-path of drowned bounty the cursed peat.)

    reach solo 55 with 6 different sets softcore or hardcore

    kill all the bosses torment 10 under 20mins (exclude vidian-act2-not need)

    for me as DH in 36hours of gameplay the journey complete very easy.

    my conquests that done

    is lvl3 legendary gems

    kill 350mobs at curse chest

    solo45 with legendary items

    gifts for season journey

    1- chapter 1 portrait

    2-chapter 2 portrait - bag with set items

    3-chapter 3 portrait - bag with set items

    4-chapter 4 portrait - bag with set items - wings

    5-slayer portrait

    6-champion portrait

    7-destroyer portrait

    8-conqueror portrait - stash tab (up to total 12 max with necromancer pack)

    9-guardian portrait

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