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    hey, i'm here to talk you about Insane private server,

    if you love D2, if you think you are a D2 veteran, well, would tell you need to test to play on this server,

    Insane is a private Closed Server, after beta tests, starting season 1,

    High Resolutions supported, check at http://insane-d2.freeforums.net/thread/2/insane-diablo-ii-installation-instructions

    the purpose of Insane-D2 is about balance, difficulty scaling, leveling, high level content, and original D2 spirit is keep.

    new balanced unique items are addeds, and original unique items, monsters, levels, design = tweaked, and balanced, and still is to an original D2 spirit,

    difficulty level is medium to hard, characters playing are boosteds, balanceds,

    full of skills are usefull to party playing or solo playing, balanced by master sc2 player

    for example, paladin is very fun party, good dps, good support, necromancer is fun with summoning skills, you must cast often your skills in hell, for example wizard skeletons use some random skills

    you can farm Act 1 to Act 5 @ Hell; monsters are balanceds and drop to same scales % everywhere, Act 1 - 5, zones are funs to explore, different monsters, affixes,

    you can still make some bosses runs of course, but you will not see baal runs or diablo runs often, where bosses runs still balanced to Act 1-5 farming; purpose of Insane-D2 is to farm uber elites act1/5 + unique elites = best % droprate of elite unique items

    baal and diablo runs = medium % drop rate, elite and uber monsters = high % drop rate

    Cow level is INSANE, the hell cow level is for levels 90's+ party, where Act 1-5 unique elites farming is still full balanced vs cow level hell, you can exp good, hard, and drop equal to A1-5 farming, just to a fun hard party designed level

    Melees classes are balanceds when rangeds and casters having limited range/dps, usefull cc options with cooldowns; some skills with cooldowns;

    you can form a party with good party options, specialisations, safe party, damage party, support party, etc

    Insane D2 Difficulty level scales:

    Normal = medium difficulty, you have to know what you are doing when you are going to andariel Act 1, etc.

    Nightmare = hard difficulty, you have to farm before playing to hell difficulty.

    Hell = this is INSANE D2, Act 1 - Act 5, monsters are levels 95, you can drop elite unique items @ Hell only.

    Monster damages and skills are dynamics, monsters are fasters, custom monsters works, skills, damages, dynamics

    monsters density and unique elites spawn often in Insane D2, in hell difficulty,

    unique elites and champions are spawning to balanceds buffings/affixes/monsters

    for example = you can encounter 1 solo strong elite, or; 1 uber + 1 strong + 2 weak elites for example, full of random fights

    so you have, Monsters, Unique Elite Monsters, and you have Uber Monsters, these 3 types of mobs buff themselves,

    generating multiple millions of fresh fights

    Random Generation, Multiple Random Affixes system, balanced to each monsters,

    Normal and Nightmare medium difficulty, Hell is hard, party playing is good Insane D2

    - Original D2 Spirit, you can farm everywhere, hell act 1-5 / cow level = balanced, zones are fun to explore with different balanced monsters

    - items are usefull to some fights, items are good designeds, from leveling to high level content

    - Custom Unique Items + worked/balanced original D2 set & unique items

    - Monsters + Elite Monsters + Uber Monsters + random affixes = full of multiples fun fights

    - Purpose of server is to farm Act 1 - 5 Hell party and cow level party, balanced farming, normal/nightmare still hard, insane D2 very hard @ HC,

    - Stats and affixes, full balanceds balanced by master sc2 player

    - Characters, Skills, skill effects, Characters playing are boosteds, skill cooldowns, balanceds, full of skills/builds to mix, when you have in addition full of nice unique items to boost your character style

    - Charms have been kickeds off i-D2, inventory and balance tweaks, no charms @ Insane-D2

    - Mercs are not strong or usefull, purpose is multiplayer, or solo playing

    - High Resolutions options

    no commercial purpose, nothing to buy, no pay2win;

    i-D2 server is a low population server, for d2 fans or just d2 players,

    free donation only, no items, no rewards

    if you want to experience a good fresh diablo 2 experience, Insane D2 server is up, Season 1

    hard D2 experience, characters playing boosted,

    insanity of millions random affixes and monsters spawn, awesome unique items, levels and spirit still to good D2

    some screenshots







    to install i-D2, to connect to i-D2 Closed Server, cheat/botting = instant ban

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