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    Hey man. I don't mind helping, I just need a bit more information.

    Whats the following stats for you please:

    Total Int:

    Attacks per second:

    attack speed increase:

    attack speed roll on weapon:

    crit hit chance:

    crit hit damage:

    on your cooldown question. Yea, it really does make it easier to manage your CoE cycles to have 64%. Otherwise one little mistake can really screw you. Gotta watch the stacks like a hawk.

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    Hey all. First time posting here, but I figured this would be my best bet at getting some outside input.

    I just cleared my first solo GR90 with a few seconds to spare. Now I'm planning on ramping up and shooting higher. So I've got a few questions for you all!

    I keep finding myself having to elite hunt in higher level rifts. They keep spawning massively spread out. So I end up doing this in the rift:

    1) clearing a group of mobs to try and get 80+ Archon stacks.

    2) Finding elite, dragging back to a mob dense area.

    3) Pop Archon and down elites with beam through trash to attempt to get another 80+ stacks

    4) Rinse and repeat.

    I end up killing trash one Archon cycle, and elites the next. I've found it to be helpful, but figured I'd ask if anybody else has any tips?


    i'm currently at 2.1mil sheet damage, 46.50% crit hit chance, 356.00% crit hit damage, 2.07 attacks per second (total of 29% attack speed increase, with a 7.0% roll on a primal pig sticker), 62.60% cool down reduction, 15.4k Int total and 872 paragon.

    I'm using obsidian ring, and RoRG, Manald heal is cubed. Swami is cubed and my Fazulas only gives me 46 stacks. Starfire is cubed. My Stricken, GoGok, and Zei's are all at 81. All my caldeeseans despairs are between 70-75.

    The beginning of the rift my damage is super slow and low. (Because of 1 set of Archon stacks) but I find myself ramping up and down like a roller coaster. When mod density is thick and not a bunch of high health mobs I ramp up super fast and down elite packs in a few seconds. When it's low it takes me 2-3 Archon cycles per elite pack. Rift guardians always take me 2-3 Archon cycles or more. Some mob packs can take me two cycles of Archon as well. (If I died or didn't get any luck stacking Archon)

    any tips on what I should be focusing? Increasing my damage output? Play style?

    lastly, I'm running EA-Force Armor, MW-Deflection, BH-Spellsteal, RoF-Cold Blood, T-Safe Passage, and A-Combustion.

    please, feel free to critique, share thoughts, anything helps.

    thanks everybody for your time.

    (Excuse misspellings, and punctuation, iPhones suck at making thread posts)

    PS- Rank 149 On Xbox One, GR90 14:03:333

    Edit- Rank 78 on Xbox, GR92 11:30:700

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