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    Quote fromDraktharbar
    Why does it matter what the drop rate is from caches? It's not like if the rate is crappy you can go run rifts or anything else to get cache-only legendaries.
    That statement makes no sense what so ever. Gives me a headache just trying to figure out what you're saying.

    Caches Opened: 25

    Legendary items: 0
    Well you're not alone. That seems evident by everyone else posting their drop rates.

    The drop rate never varies by difficulty, and you cannot get these legendaries by doing anything else. If you want a ring of royal grandeur, you're only choice is to run bounties for caches. It's not going to matter whether the drop rate is 1% or 2% or 3%, you still only have one method of obtaining them and nothing will affect that drop rate.

    (Okay, wow - the quote system in here really blows, doesn't it?)
    Doesn't matter really. Knowing the drop rate is still nice. From skimming through this thread there seems to be a drop rate just shy of 10%, and some might find incentive to keep farming the specific drop they want from those numbers. RNG is RNG, but 10% is still better than say - 1% or 2%. If it's discovered there is a drop rate of 10%, I'm going to find the courage to farm A1 until my fingers bleed for the ring - and smash my computer to pieces when I find that the average drop rate doesn't apply to me. ;-)
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    Quote from Zlexpro
    Quote from Informer

    Quick question would SoH be on Main or Off hand?


    I've always personally, used the biggest weapon damage weapon in my Main Hand, and the faster/lower dmg weapon on my Off Hand!
    I do this too, but I suspect it might just be a habit from playing a fury Warrior in WoW years ago. That was the way to go, since special attacks rolled from your main hand (if I remember correctly). Is there actually a difference in Diablo, or is just an old habit?
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    posted a message on Gambling Drop Rates Summary, Part 2: Share Your Post-Hotfix Loot From Kadala
    • Item Type: Chest

    • Number of Blues: 1

    • Number of Rares: 25

    • Number of Legendaries: 1

    • Item Type: Legs

    • Number of Blues: 0

    • Number of Rares: 22

    • Number of Legendaries: 3

    • Item Type: Helmet

    • Number of Blues: 3

    • Number of Rares: 19

    • Number of Legendaries: 1

    Have spend about 2.000 shards before this patch, no legendaries. After patch, I spent 500 today and got 5. Something definitely changed. :)
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    posted a message on [HARDCORE GUIDE] The Divine Warrior - How to become an unstoppable force of destruction on Torment difficulty
    Quote from Devizz
    Quote from thatguy181

    Can't wait for the update post balance changes.
    Should be up by tomorrow. ;)
    Stop teasing! Get to work! :-P
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    posted a message on Died cause of DC
    Sucks to lose a character that way, been there - but it's part of the HC game I'm afraid. Always keep stuff in your stash to you can quickly level another. :-)
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    posted a message on Legendary Drop Rate Modifiers Analysis - Rifting versus Non-Rifting, Equation Basis, and Magic Find Implications
    Quote from Blitzher

    I think you guys are some silly assholes - sorry to say...
    I´ve never seen anything this childish or spoiled behaviour in Diablofans forum.....

    This guy might not have been taking everything into account, as some of you mentioned, but instead of flaming and acting like some kids - who can only point out mistakes and tell what everybody else makes wrong....

    You could tell it in a decent langauge and be gratefull for all the work he made here.......

    I´m really a shame about you guys comment above.....

    Have you given him any thoughts about how he´ll react??? He made a friendlt job here to support everybody else in their gaming....
    And you conclude that this isn´t worth anything....

    I actually feel sorry for those who can´t see the beuty in this work.

    I´ll like to thank this fella, for making a lovely post and reading material.

    <3 Blitzher <3
    On that note I wish to thank the people criticising OP. I do NOT think you are assholes at all, and I appreciate that you attempt to explain what you find to be wrong with OPs calculations, and as such outing yourselves to be called assholes in the name of stopping "childish or spoiled behaviour". I for one welcome critique, as should we all. The only namecalling I could find in this thread started just now.
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    posted a message on Another one bites the dust...
    Playing on EU server? Seems this matches your timing really well:


    Damn nearly lost my Crusader to that. Lagged for 30 seconds which just barely made me Steed out and TP before I DCed.
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    posted a message on WARNING - Crusader bug that may cause your death
    I tried out a new build the other day that used Shield Bash, and the first group of blues I encountered triggered this bug. Playing hardcore, I LUCKILY made the logout time of 10 seconds with about 20% life left. Did a google search, and found out it must have been this bug. So no, it's not that rare, and no more Shield Bash for me until they fix it. Good on you for making a warning post.
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    posted a message on [HARDCORE GUIDE] The Divine Warrior - How to become an unstoppable force of destruction on Torment difficulty
    By the way - I saw your Twitch, where you write your Crusader died to a bug? I just tried this build, and 25 seconds in I encountered a bug that almost killed my Crusader. Was thankfully able to log out before I died. I was stuck in place and couldn't hurt monsters, but they could hurt me. Couldn't even move with Steed Charge. It wasn't lag, it must have been some sort of bug.
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    posted a message on [HARDCORE GUIDE] The Divine Warrior - How to become an unstoppable force of destruction on Torment difficulty
    Very nice build, going to give this a try on my 65 HC Crusader. Quick question; any plans on going back to HC Barbarian and do an updated guide on that class as well?
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    Quote from Xalyx

    Definitely DH or Barb. WD is the safest class and has the least HC deaths and most players.
    I'm surprised to see Barbarian mentioned as a least viable. I'd say quite the opposite. Barbarian and Crusader - I feel - are some of the most potent hardcore classes.
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    posted a message on Reaper of Souls Highlights: Difficulties, Paragon 2.0, Blue Posts
    Other than density, what are the effects of a higher difficulty? How does the game make it more difficult? Is it only through higher monster damage/HP or are there other effects - such as new spells or anything like that?
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    Quote from csense

    you know what made diablo 2 fun? Adventure Mode, Bounties, Nephalem Rifts were the same mode and you could decide in a game anytime what you want to do next and it worked because max player limit was 8 and it was fun because skills slots vere not limited to 6..
    You know what made Diablo 2 fun? It was the best we had at the time. It's been 13 years - get over it.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Auction House is Shutting Down on March 18, 2014
    Wow, I did NOT see that one coming - at all. I am blown away by this, this will really get me back into the game I think.
    Quote from brx

    Quote from Ashes

    Bah... I don't see much good in this. To me AH provided fast, safe and easy way to trade. But I guess most people prefer dealing with all the scammers like it was in D2.

    Oh well... the game goes on.
    it also provided 95% of the gear you ever equiped. That is a problem.
    Indeed. The game wasn't about farming gear for your character. It was about making money to buy your gear - it just wasn't fun.
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    posted a message on The Hellgates Have Opened on Console, How Soon is Soon for the Itemization Patch, Best Class for Console
    Quote from Zergall

    They're really redefining the art of milking a game. Re-releasing it not once but twice (PS4 release confirmed), and the worse part is people actually rush to buy it...

    And people say Activision had no influence on Blizzard when Kotick's moto is that if something is milkable for next 10 years, its not worth producing at all.
    That is a really pessimist way of looking at it. There's milking a game... and there's wanting your game to be as available as possible on as many platforms as possible. The game being out on consoles doesn't hurt you, and it doesn't hurt you that people "rush to buy it". So cheer up and enjoy that the game you like is being played by more people.
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