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    Dear Forum,

    I would love to hear your recommendations and ideas about running te following skills, I am not going in to depth with gear or other factors, just the skills and runes and would love to hear your recommended changes and why.
    I am currently running these skills mostly cause it seems to work well and it looks quite funny running around with a pack of minions, but would love to up the fun factor cause with these skill I mostly sit in the background tossing jars and everything dies, not that this isn't fun, it just gets boring really quick and my sessions seems to last only a hour or so before I start yawning.

    Currently on LVL60 (Sorry no expansion) on Torment II, but upping the difficulty is just not interesting enough, the mobs just die slower.

    So the TL;DR, what would you change and why?

    LeftMB: Corpse Spiders with Widowmakers
    RightMB: Wall of Death with Surrounded by Death
    (1): Summon Zombie Dogs with Burning Dogs

    (2): Haunt with Resentful Spirits
    (3): Locust Swarm with Searing Locust
    (4): Gargantuan with Big Stinker

    -Zombie Handler
    -Fierce Loyalty
    -Fetish Sycophants

    p.s. Don't worry about the no expansion part, post and list the skills, even if they require me to get the expansion.

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