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    posted a message on Help on pushing GR85+

    I seem to be stuck at gr85 can finish it but around 18 mins++

    Im at 62.6 CDR max on all slots except ammy when im specced into the glacial spike build.

    1)is it ok for me to have 8% on all slots (including ammy) except weapon, or do i need max cdr on all items. I ask because i feel i need the life on hit on my weapon so im thinking of dropping cdr for it

    2) i dont know if this is a silly question but how much of a difference is 64 and 62%, i mean does it really make the CoE rotation that much easier

    3) which gr level do u think i should start using CoE because i cant seem to damage the mobs in 85+ without it, am i doing something wrong

    this is my profile i have a CoE with 8 cdr and a diff rorg with 8 cdr https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Draeko-2408/hero/87534413

    I played d3 from the beginning but quit and came back this season for my first season.

    Any tips on GR pushing appreciated, im quite new to it

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    posted a message on Ancient Weapon vs Serpent Sparker vs Starfire

    If your sever has CDR and IAS then use that and cube starfire. You dont need hydras, use arcane torrent.

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