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    Hello everybody!

    First of all, I am nooby monk. I've never played him and I can't easily get its mechanics. After trying to fight with Shenlong + Rainment (or + Inna), I've settled on LoN LTK build which is funny though.

    I struggle with clearing 84 floor, the reason is I lack of damage - I die there really rare, max. 1 time per rift if I do something really stupid. I'd like to ask you for some advices about playstyle or ideas about to change in my equipment (unfortunatelly my account shows build for speed runs - skills, and different weapons; I know I need to change my arms for those with cost reduction and hellfire amulet would be more useful. Magefist and Cindercoat need upgrade for higher %s. My trousers are crying for help.). I need help with rerolling my weapons too because I have a few of them,


    P.S. I have weird question, I can heal myself pretty quickly even though I don't use LPH at my card says I do heal 10k/s and 8k/per hit. Is there some hidden heal bonus? Globe is ~30k.

    P.S.2. And there is my little monk: https://eu.battle.net/d3/pl/profile/LKEY-2551/hero/90528476

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