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    No, I don't think it is a better game than D3, the one big thing POE has is more depth. That does not make it a better game, for some replayability is key to a great game, for others it is the actual gameplay, graphics & story or a multitude of other things.

    For me D3 will be looked at with a great deal of fondness by people in years to come, it just lacked depth. I think they did not invest enough resources into endgame. Hoping that D4 is dark and from what i have seen so far looks great.

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    Funny reading this how many push for D4 to be like D2, just go play D2 resurrected?

    For D4 it needs to be able to stand up in it's own right, the combat and QoL from D3 was a step forward and it needs to go further next time. The game should be darker than D3 but the most important thing is the endgame.

    If you look at other games (like POE) you will see that even though dungeon crawlers are all about the loot at end game you still need variety in methods of obtaining it with regular content drops. Seasons were a good idea but most of them were pretty poor and i would not class it as new content just enhancing existing.
    Really looking forward to D4, no matter what i will buy it and no doubt have tons of fun and easily get good value for money.

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    I think that D3 was a great game, the issue was content not being brought into the game for far too long. Mistakes were made but D3 improved over time and then was left to stagnate with seasons the only reason to keep playing. POE was not as successful in sales of games but it has far more longevity due to adding better and more new content constantly. Even in POE you have many of the same issues that plague all RPG's which is re-playability. Sure you can play through over and over as new class specc/role but even that will become stale after a while. I think modern gamers now are different than older gamers like me, they tend to consume games quicker and move on quicker. I still play some games many, many years after i first played but if i am honest do i really enjoy it or is it just me wishing to recapture those bygone times.

    I think in this modern world you will never create anything that will get 100% approval or keep people constantly playing the same game for years like we used to, and to be honest that is a good thing. A lot of the time we played those same games over and over not because they were amazing (though some were) it was due to a lack of choice or other decent options. Now there are tons of aRPG titles you can play and more coming, once you have so many to choose from why would you play just one? I think developers understand this, they will tap into nostalgia to create revenue but gamers are far more fickle now and will move on far quicker. Just look at POE at how quickly the numbers drop after just a month of new content dropping.

    My hope for D4 is not a D2 clone, we have D2 Resurrected for that, i want something new and engaging. I want something darker like Diablo used to be and from what i have seen so far it looks interesting. I can bet one thing i am confident of though, no matter what millions will buy it and play it and when games are successful it means other companies strive to create other new and exciting games too, which can only be good for all gamers.

    Just my 2.2 cents :)

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