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    I'm a 31 year old "veteran" gamer looking for some friendly people to grind with. I have played since d3 release and I'm well familiar with the game and my three main classes wizard, barb and dh. Current play time with all chars combined is well over 2000 hours. I'm currently an university student and I play a few other games as well so I'm not super active, but I normally play d3 like 10-20 hours a week when I'm active and usually a lot more than that in the start of the seasons. I haven't been pushing GRs at all since season 1, but I managed to put myself within top20 before pylon fishing became a thing. Right now I'm solo clearing gr75-80 comfortably, but I haven't been pushing yet.

    Battletag: Enigma#2287

    Main class: Wizard in season 10, but I also play Barb and DH

    Paragon: 753 S10 / 1024 NS

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