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    In fact they are pretty wise, because they know how shitty the campaign is and that nobody/few players would want to go over that again another time.

    If adventure mode wouldn't be open I wouldn't even dare to play seasons.. and I'm sure most players would agree.
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    Quote from Shadowflyx

    sleeping since server will prob NOT be avaliable! :D then wake up and play act 5 :D
    Wise people now understand that the day off they have to take is at the end of the week and not on launch day ;)

    Actually I'll have to take it the next monday... but it's fine since I'll prolly already have cleared Act V and leveled my crusader to 70 so I can start farming gear.
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    I wonder why you'd complicate your life by saving Diablo for the leg when you get one every 1/2 hours anyway.
    And why wouldn't they add Malthael a guaranted leg instead of Diablo, maybe its already in upon release (no reason not to do that)?

    For me its more like:

    - Gain more paragon/get some nice lvl 60 legs
    * RoS is live
    - Clear Act V and reach 70
    - Play a couple hours on adventure mode/ get some lvl 70 legs
    - Roll a Hammerdin
    Just clear act V then have fun on adventure mode.
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    posted a message on Name your top 3 issues with the game
    1) The art direction. I was expecting D3 to feel a lot more like, you know, diablo? They did a good job, but the visual atmosphere of the game is just not THAT exciting. I have faith they'll improve a lot in expansions but.. I also hope the 1st xpack will include more than 1 act...

    2)The repetitiveness of the maps. There isn't much randomness in the game, the layouts are always the same outside of dungeons, and dungeons are only made of straight corridors (except for caves). And talking about caves and dungeons.. there's too little variants of those (thats what I hated about Skyrim, the game is f****ing big yeah, but you're always fighting the same 4 kind of enemies in the same 4 kind of themed dungeons)

    3)Drop chances. Yes I'm a very unlucky player it doesn't help, but I mean only 1 legendary in 250hours (and the legendary being a low lvl crafting plan)? I don't feel like I'm being rewarded enough after all this farming. They could at least make legendaries drop chances a bit higher (thus having to modify the quality range of legendaries indeed, so we're not spammed by uber gear, so still letting uber gear being, uber?).
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    posted a message on The OFFICIAL Unofficial 14 days left thread
    Hey guys,

    15 days, can you believe it? The worst quote of Jay Wilson is way behind us (read "Soon was too soon"). Soon is not soon enough right now isn't.

    Let's hope that those 2 weeks will be gone quickly, so have fun with your last 2 weeks of social life guys and see you in hell soon.

    Keep up the good work (staying more or less patient since the begining, at least to the point where you haven't got cryogenically frozen or something like that).
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