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    I've been using this build for some time now and it seems too work fine in Act 1 Inferno. I have about 12k dps (15k ish with max fury), basic rez for act 1 and 73% armor. With the cooldowns, I can burn down most elite packs before Wrath of the Berserker is over and it's also a decent build for bosses.

    With this build, the more mobs are around you, the faster you can kill them. Health bar jumps from 1% to 100% quite often.

    Cleared act 1 with it. Never done ACT 2 so far.
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    I was playing the beta this weekend and I had some problems with the game I was hoping you could help me with. Everytime I played in a party of two and found a large pack of mobs (about the size of the packs in the room with the 4 pylons right before the Skeleton King's throne room) the game would run very slowly. Here is my system:

    CPU: AMD Athlon 3800+ Dual Core (2.0 GHz)
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon 6770, 1GB

    I tried playing with the video settings on low but that didn't manage to fix my problem. The video card is not the problem. I know I have to upgrade either the RAM or the CPU but I'd like to know what's my best option here. Buying an extra 2GB of RAM would be cheaper than a new CPU but I don't know if that is enough.

    To put it simple, I want to know what should I buy to have a smoother experience. Thanks.
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)

    AoE barbarian with some defensive abilities that include, but are not limited to, life stealing. Maybe not as effective against bosses but I'll bring a friend along for the co-op.
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    Here is what I think is the general idea behind the mechanics of the contest:
    If you live in Europe (this could be applied for other reagions but I don't know) you might have seen newspappers offering free books with certain editions. This marketing tactic was first implemented in France and it had the advantage of increasing the sales for that newspapper. Usualy what happens is people buy the special editions just for the books and for a period the newspappers has more readers. After a while, when no more books are given, the newcomers tend to leave, but not all of them. So in the end, the investment pays off.

    This is exactly the situation with this contest. Just replace the newspapper with the site and the book prizes with the beta keys. In the print press, this tactic usualy results in more readers for the news company but I don't know what will happen in the virtual medium. I am very curious to see how many newcomers will stick with the site after the contest end.

    Unfortunately, the strategy I've explained tends not to work in certain regions where reading the newspapper isn't regarded as a daily must. See the case in Estern European countries.

    Hope this sheds some light on the situation.
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    Like the guys before me said, as long as the post is constructive and meaningfull, it shouldn't mater the reason for posting. But I have a strong feeling that guys with a low post count will be discriminated againt by older members of the forums. From the words of a famous Eastern European literature group, criticize the work and not the author.
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    I think that, as long as a game company has a "cash cow", the incentive to release new games will be a lot smaller (Bizzard has world of warcraft, Valve has Steam). After all, the main objective of any game company is to make money. Don't take this in a bad way. Most of the time, the amount of money a company makes is directly linked to the quality of the game. But in the end, it's money that drives the game forward.

    I don't want to say that the only reason Blizzard hasn't release Diablo 3 yet is because they are too busy decorating their 14th island. But I also don't want to fall in the other extreme: thinking they are working to fix every bug and make the game as perfect as possible. We saw that lie a couple of times before (remember the buggy raid content in wow?).

    Blizzard is one of the fiew companies with enough money to be their own publishers. And usualy, the publisher is the one that forces a game developer to push the game on the market as fast as possible. The reason Diablo 3 hasn't came out yet has probably something to do with all the elements I've mentioned in my post. I just hope the humongous hype won't crash in Blizzard's face when the game is not 100% perfect, as we expect it to be.
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    posted a message on The philosophy behind Mana...or the removal of it.
    When talking about mana bars and mana management in RPG's, we have to look at the issue from two points of view: from the single and the mutiplayer aspect of games. Let's start with the second part because the original posts makes a lot of references to world of warcraft.

    In a mutiplayer RPG, mana and, more importantly, mana management should be integrated in the game as a form of player skill. Remember the "easy to learn, hard to master" mentality? For a competitive game, knowing in which order to cast your spells in the easy part. Understanding when to cast them represents the hard one. Think MOBA games, where, at the begining of the match at least, mana (or any other expendable resource) management is vital to the early advantage-force your oponent to buy mana pots or to cast a certain spell too many times.
    The problem appears when the gear your wear gives you a way too larger pool or mana. I was a healer in wow and when Cataclysm hit, in the first month, doing my job was hard. Everyone had entry level gear and if I didn't managed my spells properly, the group died. But, as the gear improved, the need for clever use of your resources diminished and so we get to the initial problem.

    As for a single player RPG, a mana management game, similar to the MMO one, is a bit pointless to have. It's frustrating to want to fight a group of monsters or a boss and worry that I might not have enough mana to finish the job. The same could be said for an archer class running out of arrows, crossbow bolts or bullets. For a warrior or a rogue the game is simple: wack and stabb untill your fingers hurt. I want to cast that big AOE flaming meteor from the sky on that group of unsuspected monsters without the fear of running out of mana and resorting to throwing rocks at the angry creatures.

    Obviously we need mana to keep the game balanced. Without it, everyone would just fling the most powerfull spell non stop at their enemies. Also, the need for mana forces players to buy potions, thus creating a gold sink.

    At the end of the day, we fall in two extremes: making mana pointless due to the larg pools or frustrating the player when he runs out of it. The sollution I see is this: have each caster stuck with a certain, fix, mana pool. Let's say 100 mana. Each spell costs a % to cast. No pasive mana regen. If a player just spams one ability, he'll run out of mana. What he has to do is spell synergy. Combine the spells he has to obtain varried effects (think Magicka). When a certain combination is obtained, give the player some of his mana back as a form of reward for skilled play. For example: engulf the target in ice with a cone of cold and then shatter him with a boulder. Or set him ablaze and then throw a cloud of oil so the fire can spread to the nearby targets. The possibilities are endless and it will give the player a fun way to play a caster.
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