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    posted a message on How would you improve Diablo 3?

    What would you change, implement, tweak, fix about Diablo 3?

    Just to give some ideas;

    1. Would you add a new class?

    Yes mini patche/expansions like the necromancer were good for the game. add a new one each year so every 3 or 4 seasons. I would love an Amazon, add an Assassin, and a Druid next 3 years.

    2. How would you change/fix the endgame?

    Cap Paragon, but not gear. the whole point of diablo as an arpg is "gear" progression that is why Magic Find runs would be more fun IMHO than exp farming meta's.

    3. Would you implement any new features and/or revamp current ones?

    Bring back magic find runs. change what drops were. mix it up dont make speed farming GR the only thing that seems to matter. make GR's for Lego Gems and EXP but not for drops

    bring back rune words and charms from D2 add each in with the paid for expansion of the new classes. starting with charms and amazon then do druid and runewords and finally add assassin and rune's in the cube to make things.

    4. Would you tweak with drop rates and/or legendary affixes?

    Yes I would change drops and put back drop tables for specific gear from a type of mob or mode IE GR/Regular Rift/WP/Bounty/Keys etc. .

    5. Would you change current set items or implement some new ones?

    I would keep changing them like they are doing now. buffing and adding new ones. they should continue adding 2 new sets each season. For the love of Diablo do somethign with Blackthorns set. . having a set everybody just curses if they get is bad IMHO change this for either a good generic like captains remove it or change it to a class set and do it up.

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