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    posted a message on 7 Straight Leoric's Crown Drops

    Well I know leveling pre-70 I got that crown 3 drops in a row (the 2nd was the skeleton king, so not sure it counts). So like others have assured you, it's just RNG. Think of it as your new best "frienemy" as a Diablo player.

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    posted a message on Which class will you run in season 10?

    I am fairly certain I will start with a Witch Doctor this season. I only wandered back to D3 during the anniversary event. So I caught the end of 8 where my primary was a Barb. My secondary was a Monk and I got 4 pieces of the Inna set quickly and had a ball. Season 9 I was all about my Crusader and a hammer-centric build. My off-seasons most successful toons have been Wiz. As good as the DH set up sounds this time, WD have been my most consistently ignored class during season-play up til now. My play is primarily solo.

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