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    There's a couple of established Thorns/Steed builds, one uses Akkhan + Norvald's, the other the Legacy of Nightmares set. (And then there's Invoker too).

    In all cases though, you want Bane of the Trapped, this is a big damage boost that procs itself. The Teardrop in contrast is pretty much useless for a thorns build as it is based on weapon damage.

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    Well it is a bit dead. I'm relatively new, I enjoy it and yet can't help but notice when looking for online resources/forums that things have been pretty desolate for at least the past year. (Necro hype the exception and hope that the class' arrival will turn things around!).

    For that matter, I 've seen people saying that for other games too, then their servers shutting down :(

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    I got the game (with expansion) around November, to play with a friend. After the campaign, I got addicted and have since put in hundreds of hours. Yes the content is repeated - same monsters, same tilesets, randomly combined. But the game is sufficiently rich to keep boredom away.

    Certainly some builds have been determined to be the strongest after extensive theorycrafting (which in fact can change from patch to patch). But there is reasonable diversity, with very different playstyles, if you 're willing to accept that some will not go as far. Choosing one and pushing ever upwards lets you master the particular playstyle, which I find satisfying and rewarding even if it's just about fighting the same monsters with increased hp.

    Season are a fresh start for everyone every ~3months, thus rendering null the worry that you will never catch up.

    Yes, the game will inundate you with legendaries. But ones that are well-rolled (ancient, with the stats you want at good values) are a lot less common, so the loot hunt is very much on.

    In the end, I cannot say if Diablo 3 is the best choice, as I'm not familiar with every alternative. From my experience though, it can satisfy your longevity requirement.

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    Hanging out in forums/reddit/youtube concerning crusader builds such as LoN Bombard and Invoker, there seems to be a recurring question about whether it would be worth increasing Vitality instead of Strength with gems/augments/paragon, when wearing a Heart of Iron (seem to have seen it 3-4 times in just the last week).

    (I am posting here though because it is not a crusader-specific piece and other classes may be interested in it - barbarians perhaps? Please feel free to move this to crusader subforum here if it doesn't belong here).

    The consensus is that damage-wise it's always better to increase the main stat. One post that is often cited (and I have often cited myself), is this reddit post on Invoker interactions. The part regarding Heart of Iron states:

    Assuming Iron Maiden and 300% Heart of Iron an extra 280 STR gem is better than an extra 280 VIT gem when ((2.8x Current Thorns)/1260)*100 > Current STR The amount of thorns at which STR is better than VIT is:
    • 6000 STR – a STR gem is better with more than 27000 Thorns
    • 7000 STR – a STR gem is better with more than 31500 Thorns
    • 8000 STR – a STR gem is better with more than 36000 Thorns
    • 9000 STR – a STR gem is better with more than 40500 Thorns
    • 10000 STR – a STR gem is better with more than 45000 Thorns
    So VIT is never better for any realistic combination of STR and Thorns
    However, looking at it, I am now not sure where numbers and reasoning come from.
    • Where does the 2.8 come from?
    • Where does the 1260 come from?
    • How did they derive that inequality?

    Any insights as to these questions would be greatly appreciated (it looks like the poster hasn't been active for a year, since the very topic in question).

    Instead, I have tried to do my own calculations using the following simplified formula:

    damage = (thorns+3*vitality)*(1+strength/100)

    where thorns is the amount of thorns from gear, Boyarski's and Iron Maiden but excluding HoI, which is manually added. Then each point of strength increases it by 1%.

    This is a function of three variables. But by choosing a fixed value of thorns it is possible to make a 3d or contour plot, for example for thorns=250k:

    My interpretation of this is that strength is unconditionally better than vitality: for any given strength and vitality, adding vitality would move up a color band at best, while adding strength will move up 2-3 color bands.

    Plotting for different values of thorns seems to produce similar results.

    No inequality, no combination of strength/thorns come into play.

    Is this reasoning sound? Your insight would be immensely appreciated.

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    Thunderfury for the paladin tank :)

    Though not so original - there are some fantastic white-and-gold crusaders in this topic!

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    By 'getting destroyed', do you mean you have trouble surviving?

    The gear and skills look good - I did GR70 for the season 9 journey with pretty much that setup, with only one +250 strength augment and maybe 1-2 ancients more. I was also still using Rubies at that point. Your Heart of Iron only has one socket instead of 3, which means you are missing out on 2 diamonds or 2 rubies, plus additional strength from Finery. Since it's already enchanted, you 'll need to get another one (or an Aquiline Cuirass and put HoI/Sanguinary Vambraces in the cube).

    Other than that, there's only minor nitpicks for gear: you could get an augment for your ancient helm, enchant thorns as secondary on your Endless Walker ring and amulet and enchant away your Hack's damage to something more useful. Note also that the punish% on your legs isn't helping very much as it only affects the base damage, without the thorns; you will be better off with all-resist.

    The only thing that's left is a question of playstyle. Do you gather large/multiple packs to ensure Akarat's Awakening procs a lot thus constantly refreshing all your abilities? That alone gives you a near-permanent uptime of Akarat's Champion which makes you incredibly tough.

    All in all, GR70 should be attainable with minor adjustments.

    Edit: Was unsure why the HoI had only 1 socket.

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