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    posted a message on Hello from Ireland

    Just saying hello, really.

    Some info about me...

    • Play on PS4 - please don't hold that against me ;)
    • Play (local) co-op with the Mrs, though I have dabbled in online a bit.
    • Zero interest in duping, boosting, etc. I'd much rather play the game "naturally".

    So I'm at the stage in the game where I've hit level 70 with my main class (Wizard), at Paragon ~26. Started a second now also; a level 34 Monk. My wife has a level 70 Barbarian for some reason...

    We've played through the story mode, literally just completed it on Monday (by the end of the game, we had upped the difficulty to T1). Trying to get to grips with adventure mode now.

    So that's all I have. Comments/questions are welcome.

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