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    Hello guys,

    I have a suggestion to put the Akkhan's Set to the metagame.

    Set bonuses changes:

    Set Bonus (2 Pieces):

    Akarat's Champion gain the effect of every rune;

    Set Bonus (4 Pieces):

    Reduces the cooldown of Akarat's Champion in 50%, and reduce the wrath cost of all skills in 50% while Akarat's Champion is active.

    Set Bonus(6 Pieces):

    While Akarat's Champion is active, increase the damage of Heaven's Fury in 1000% and increase the damage of Blessed Shield and Phlanx in 2500%

    Item changes:

    Akkhan's Addendum:

    (New Effect) While Akarat's Champion is active, reduce the damage taken in 40-50%

    Hope D3 devs be careful with this set, it was my first set in the game, and it's forgotten.

    Posted in: Crusader: The Church of Zakarum
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