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    -: Discord Server :-


    -: About Us :-

    is a social Seasonal clan and every start of a new season we have a massive launch "party", and we go all out leveling with organized groups and often help late comers catch up by power leveling them when we can.

    Quite often every season we are ranked high on the leader-boards and retaining those spots far into the season.

    It is quite common to for us to maintain a player base of many high paragon GR90+ solo players.

    -: Membership Requirements :-

    1. Must me at least 18+ years old and act mature.
    2. Must join our Discord server and be active.
    3. Are willing to work together and communicate maturely.
    4. Open to pushing higher Greater Rifts.
    5. Willing to help others with various in game content.

    -: Clan Rules :-

    1. Be courteous to others and do not troll other members.
    2. We do not condone hate speech or racism.
    3. Ask before you jump into someone else's game.
    4. Asking for help is welcomed but do not demand or expect it.
    5. Be willing to return the favor when someone helps you out.
    6. Be considerate when talking in public chat rooms.
    7. Stay fairly active, login often.
    8. Be social.
    9. Must be on Discord for organized GR pushes (mic optional).

    -: MIA/AFK Policy :-

    Since we are always trying to stay active and have as many online players as possible, we do on sometimes purge our roster of inactive members to allow new players to join.

    If you have given us notice in advance or let us know that you may be away for some time then we will put a note on your account to not kick.

    After then we can wait a minimum of 30 days before we decide on the next move.

    The more social or active you have been the more likely we will keep you longer till you return.
    We ask that you maintain some sort of communication on our discord server to let us know your still alive!

    After that other members are giving a minimum of 14 days to stay active if you do not let us know whats happening.
    Again the more social or active you have been in the past the better.

    Purging will however only be enforced if we have more then 140 total players in the clan roster and we will prioritize on who has been away the longest and also depending on the minimum days set above based on your situation.
    Officers and long term clan veterans may be exempt from this rule at the soul discretion of the leadership.

    Also please keep in mind that if you do return after you were purged you are ALWAYS welcome back if we have room.

    -: Streamer/Public Figure? :-

    We make every reasonable effort to help promote your channel and your audience through our community. We have some streamers that have seen their audiences rise through the collective reach of Enygma Gaming

    -: Ready to Join? This is how :-

    If you have any questions or comments they will be addressed here in this thread.

    To join just search for "Enygma" and you will find a clan called Enygma Gaming with Azotorp as the leader and just request to join and we will accept your request.

    Please make sure that you are not in a clan so we can accept you or there will be delays.

    Alternatively, you can always direct message our Officers or Leader:

    Azotorp#1368 - Leader
    Atigeve#1209 - Co-Leader

    Foggy#1942 - Officer

    Djinni#2248 - Officer
    Frankcastle#1304 - Officer

    Labinac#1905 - Officer

    We look forward to seeing you online!

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    bump, still looking for ppl

    We are now in season 11 and still strong!

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    posted a message on <AF> Arreat's Fortitude, looking for new members, all levels and paragon levels welcome

    130+ members and counting, if you want an active clan that is very social and runs high GR's, powerlevels and helps others join us!

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    I have created a Paragon XP Calculator tool and a Greater Rift XP interactive table

    There is also a end of season Paragon XP calculator to work out your new non season paragon when the season ends.

    Paragon Season Converter: https://enygmagaming.com/end-of-season-paragon-calculator/

    Greater Rift XP Table: https://enygmagaming.com/greater-rift-xp-table/

    Paragon XP calculator: https://enygmagaming.com/diablo-3-xp-calculator/


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    posted a message on <AF> Arreat's Fortitude, looking for new members, all levels and paragon levels welcome

    -: About Us :-
    Arreat’s Fortitude is a Diablo 3 seasonal clan that was founded near the end of Season 9 with the intention to be a very active social clan with a mix of experienced and new players alike.

    Season 10 was our first as a clan and on day 1 we had 60+ members online all grouped up to level! By the end of the season we had players who have reached over 1000 paragon from only starting as a fresh player that season.

    We also had a player reach #276 US Wizard with a 96 GR and many other players reaching GR80+

    So far in Season 11 we are doing well, we have had quite the successful Necro push with our best currently at a GR90

    I myself have reached GR86 and loving it!

    The best thing is we love to help other and we tend to help carry players so they can get gear and help others later on.

    It is not uncommon to see a fresh 70 getting a couple of GR80 4 man carries! In fact we have carried 2 players in a 4 man GR85 within the timer!

    We are very social and we hangout in our Discord Server, where they can chat via text or voice. To join our Discord Server just visit this link: Azotorp.com

    We also have a website and blog with some useful Diablo 3 calculators.
    Visit arreatsfortitude.com

    -: Recruitment Requirements :-
    There are no requirements to join, however we do encourage new players to be active and social. If our roster gets near its maximum capacity (150) we will consider kicking in-active players that have been offline the longest that have the least social activity. Discord is not required BUT we favor those who do utilize it as it will help you find a group or a GR team that you can count on.

    -: Recruitment Needs :-
    There are no specific needs, however support classes do have some positive outcome finding groups

    -: How to Join & Contact Info :-
    If you would like to join you can either search for "AF" or "Arreat's Fortitude" and just request.
    You can also contact me directly by adding my BTAG: Azotorp#1368

    Also you can connect to our discord server by visiting Azotorp.com

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