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    posted a message on EU Challenge 36 impossible?
    Quote from thundergod90»

    Finally... after two days Thundergod made it in 6:56.466 :D

    You proved yourself to be in an elitist circle. Congrats man!
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    Because i do care about this game. BUT it freaks my mind, about all this bullshit that was posted in this thread. And thats obviously from players, that dont have a FUCKING clue about this game.

    You know, when one has nothing to say, or all that he says is wrong, one should shut the fuck up!

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    no, jost NO. U obsiously dont have a clue about this game.

    People cant get the facts straight. Its very tiring to discuss with people, that obviously dont play at the top tables. But tells everyone same shit and lies...

    This game is dead. Hopefully blizz switch off the servers. Worst community of all time...

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    posted a message on Message from European Clans (About Botting)

    no sense at all. if they were botters, y would they ask for a banwave? moronish...

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    posted a message on Message from European Clans (About Botting)

    true, it does not.

    And its very mature of everyone to totally destroy this thread, cause u want parking incorrectly be as harsh punished as raping.

    First we must get rid of Bots. Then we can go further.

    Botusers are the main concern.

    Thats the whole point.

    Pointing to Thud is just a straw man argument to counteract this discussion. Think about it.

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    posted a message on Boters paradise D3
    Quote from EroS73»

    Season 12 Diablo 3 LeaderBOTard Check #1: THE AMERICAS server


    OK guys the time has come, we need to check the leaderboard for top clears as well as BOTS! It's a pretty massive research here, so i decided to split videos into FOUR parts, 3 parts for each server + 1 video to summarize it all. Let's start with americas!
    Such videos usually erupt a lot of butthurt and flame, but this is normal. If we just sit and stay slient, botting problem will grow even further and it will be impossible to stop. ALL MAJOR STREAMERS and YOUTUBE CREATORS must unite and support and help the community and the developers to win the war against botters.

    I agree m8 its finaly time for Blizzard to take control over their own game :-/ and do regular banwaves or make a statemant that they support booting and EULA and TOS doesnt exist any more...

    Blizzard gave a response to one of the Botter Thread on their Forums yesterday:

    I (and our forum moderation team) have been locking threads because multiples on the same topic are a violation of our forum code of conduct. Similarly, I have replied to a few to make it clear what the violation is, rather than delete threads or suspend posters.

    I've made no further posts because our stance hasn't changed. Botting is not permitted, we continue to issue bot ban waves on an as-needed basis, and we do not communicate when these waves occur. Actions that we take are discussed only with the holders of accounts that are impacted.

    Combating botting is an ongoing, tedious, and forever-long process. It's a "war" that goes back and forth between our detection methods and sneakier, less detectable bots. It will always be an ongoing challenge. Feedback is appreciated; however, spamming the forums with the same topic repeatedly is not.
    I think there is a typo. cause otherwise it wouldnt make any sense. :)


    They wont respond any further, nore give any information regarding Botters, Cheaters, or any action taken against those users.

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    posted a message on Message from European Clans (About Botting)

    Its disgusting, that u morons destroy this legitimate open letter.

    Thud has nothing to do with botting. Its not even close.

    Bots are by far the main concern.

    its like comparing rape to parking incorrectly.

    Guess what?

    Thud is widely accepted throughout the playerbase. Almost everyone that knows and plays the game properly wants KillerJohn to be hired by Blizzard. Plus Thud isnt detacable, cause its an overlay. One has to read out memory, and that, in many countries, is forbidden by law.

    Deal with it.

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    that accountsharing.argument is just BS.

    In theory its doable, but in practice, u wont find any of the 22+h/day accounts that dont use any (clearly and easy to spot) botting-behaviours.

    Accountsharing is an urban legend.

    legit accountsgharing with 22+h/day parental/minors is not around at the top tables.

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    Every legit player plays and grind fair every day but now lots of people from our friend lists openly admit they are boting regulary (some gained 3k paragons in less then a year).

    i've managed to get to para~3150 in less then a year and i am a 100% legit player. Dont even use TH. Got multiple top100 and top50 rankings EU.

    Please, get your facts straight.

    Yes, D3 is absolutely Bot-infested, but it seems you are not able to tell properly who is using a bot and whos not. Unless you reach to the top rankings and top 200 Paragon players at least once, its really hard to not proofable if one uses a bot or not.

    No, reaching 2500 during a season doesnt mean, one uses a bot.

    No, reaching to paragon 3000+ during a year doesnt mean on uses a bot.

    16-18h playtime a day is doable, even for a year or longer. Its the players decision to spend his time as he wishes, not yours.

    50%+ primal gear doesnt mean one uses a bot, not even a bountybot.

    Strong indicators for botting:

    - having a monk: LoN-kick-built with hundreds of hours playtime --> Keyfarmingsetup

    - u dont necesseraly need a monk, every char is able to farm keys via a bot --> watch out for hundreds of hours playtime. Botusers will always be behind a good paragon/playtime ratio.

    - having a necro equiped with scythe&Shield set + cord of Sherma doing solo 87-89 all day--> Paragonbot

    - playtime of 22+h/day during a full season (there are a lot of crazy people, that don't sleep during a seasonstart, using coffein, force of will or drugs)

    - extremly good gear on multiple characters, but finished less than 1k bounties.

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    posted a message on Almost everyone and his grandmother is Using TurboHUD

    thud also can show you:

    - strickenstacks on Riftguardian;

    - % Progress around you;

    - which debuff/DoT is on enemies;

    - groundeffects, regardless if their are any monsters or other effects overlaying;

    - if you stand inside Inner Sanctuary;

    - Elite-packs on minimap

    how can anyone say, TH dont gives any advantage?

    I guess, u can't plugin properly.

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