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    Best server I have ever played on. Content is pretty amazing.

    based on 1.10 however have modified gameplay taking the best of every patch such as pre patch items and zons with pierce like in 1.09.

    We only have one difficulty which has been balanced throughout to ensure no players get left behind when waiting for rushes.

    To aid skipping through acts we have a number of trap doors in town that throw players straight in to the act bosses.

    We have special cube recipes to aid gearing up and leveling has been increased from 1-90. There is end game content for those wanting to progress to the higher levels.

    Here is what you can expect to find in the latest version of D2War:

    [Bugs Fixed]
    - Potions in belt no longer remain despite removing belt or dying
    - Andariel is no longer using a test ability
    - Warden's voice has been changed back to how it should have been
    - Fixed the Conviction Overlay Delay

    [Arcane Tweaks]
    - Increased Mini-Boss Life
    - Reduced Fire Boss Damage
    - Reduced Poison Boss Damage
    - Reduced Ghoul Life

    [Act 4 Tweaks]
    - Reduce all monster health
    - Reduce population density and increase group density
    - Visor, Infector, Lord have new abilities
    - Izual's lightning damage has been toned down

    [Added Features]
    - Removed weather conditions
    - Enabled full light radius
    - Cube Recipes for Converting Experience Potions

    [Cube Recipes]
    - War Potion + Player Ear = 1 Million Experience Potion
    - 10x War Potions + Player Ear = 10 Million Experience Potion
    - 5x 2 Million Experience Potion = 10 Million Experience Potion
    - 2x 5 Million Experience Potion = 10 Million Experience Potion
    - 5x 10 Million Experience Potion = 50 Million Experience Potion

    Give it a check at D2War.com or find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/Diablo2War/

    Hope to see you there!

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