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    posted a message on One week and botters are p900+...

    Not really sure why it matters? Are you that upset you can't be on the top of a leaderboard that is utterly pointless and in the long run absolutely meaningless?

    Botting has been around forever and at this point in the game they've removed any avenue that would allow someone else being that far ahead of you to negatively impact your game

    auction house is gone

    trading is gone

    your individual experience is in no way dictated by outside forces for someone else botting on their account.

    suck it up and move on.

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    posted a message on D3 has no endgame.
    Quote from Kevan»

    Unlimited exping is not endgame.

    Loot hunting, trading, pvp should be.

    Well What a lovely thread to my my first post (in quite some time on) Diablo 3 just like diablo 2 has been a loot hunting game. The game ends when you get bored of it. I've abandoned the notion of any sort of worthwhile PVP for this game but again diablo 2's PVP was driven by the community not the developers. If you want an ''end game'' such as you suggested go back to WoW. I absolutely hated Diablo 3 when it first came out due to the terrible imbalance, bugs, RMAH, AH and last but not least.. Jay Wilson. Today Diablo 3 is worlds apart from what is what and compared to the ''updates'' you were given in diablo 2 they've given us MUCH MUCH more with Diablo 3 and RoS.

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    posted a message on What people are really trying to say about the current loot buff
    I'm not even going to bother reading all of these responses fully because all of them are either;

    1) I'm not finding enough items

    2) I'm finding a lot of junk

    3) QQ as usual.

    Nobody is ever going to be happy no matter what they do. The fact that people find the need to bitch about a week long buff proves that point. It's a buff to help you find more drops and yet people still complain about it. I don't think I could ever be a blizzard CM because I'd end up just blowing my fucking brains out from reading some of the shit people post.

    people seem to forget that the better your loot becomes, the harder it is to find an upgrade. The drop situation is far better than it used to be and yes losing all of trading for the most part was a big problem but the system for the most part is much better than it used to be. Sure there can always be improvements but I mean come the fuck on, what do you want a legendary upgrade every time you log into the game for you to then complain that there needs to be new legendaries or stronger items because you've gotten everything you needed? When does it end?

    Sure we all know drops often suck and that some of the affix stats we roll often end up with us identifying a legendary that is full of disappointment, but I'd rather find 50 shit legendaries than be doing with my character in two weeks with full BIS items. Due to the fact that there is no PVP my desire to min-max really can be dragged on for as long as possible.
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    posted a message on The game thinks my Wizard is a Demon Hunter
    Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a Dinosaur.

    enough with the QQ, while there is no stated percentages why can't you be happy with the statement that provided in the patch notes. Would you rather it go back to the old system where everything was random? No right? So stfu.
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    posted a message on Forgotten Souls
    The game has been out a little over a month...it was the same when diablo 3 came out. You're rushing to reroll all your items to min-max because you're still actively picking up new items...

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    posted a message on Doesn't it bother you that there will be no OP legendaries?
    Quote from NCSledge

    I'm going to stick with the OP here, I find that they really do need to make Legendaries feel WAY more legendary. Sure an extra main affix is cute and all, but They really aren't that far off from Rare items, which I find really sad. Set items aren't too far off either. The only reason I find them more proper for being called "Legendary" is because of the set bonuses, which are massive, but not exactly "Teddies with lasers that one-shot bosses".
    That's a terrible position to take, seeing as the OP was terrible. Anyways... Legendaries are already more powerful than MOST rares if not all in certain aspects. I don't get why the psychological aspects of having +200 more str/vit and 500more weapon damage isn't enough, do you need to DOUBLE IT? Because if so Jay Wilson will take care of that.

    They don't need to "Buff" legendaries, we've got bigger problems in this game besides people wanting weapons that have 3-4k weapon damage or legendaries that allow you to mount diablo and ride him through sanctuary.

    how about improvements toward itemization such as better affixes, more socketables, more usage for whites/blues/rares in general? I long for being able to create awesome blue/rare items that provide something unique that a legendary cannot. I think people are so abosrbed by the color of the item they miss out on the big picture. In the end okay they buff legendaries...then what? You'll want newer legendaries or stronger legendaries...the cycle never ends.
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    posted a message on 3 hours farming T3 Rifts + Kadala = 0 legendaries
    I swear I hope blizzard just opens up the flood gates for legendaries so all these threads stop, only to be replaced in 3 days with, "this games too easy, I've got all the gear I need, we need newer items or higher stat items now".

    The system is perfectly fine, and as you start getting better gear, !!!!!NEWS FLASH!!! UPGRADES BECOME HARDER TO FIND.

    These bullshit crying threads about not finding items are getting old and tired, stop bitching and just play the game or better yet quit so we don't have to hear it anymore.
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    posted a message on New Josh Mosqueira Tease
    This is the type of mentality that makes me laugh. People bitched about dailies in WoW for the same reason. its all voluntary people. What someone else has in the game doesn't affect you in the slightest bit, and they've pretty much cemented that with BoA , no AH, and practically no trading. I'll never understand how people can be so self centered around a video game, what someone else does, has, is, does NOT affect you, your game play, your experience and it certainly shouldn't impact the fun you have.
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    posted a message on Extreme censorship on the Official Forums!
    Quote from horadrimm

    All I ask is that Rob Pardo's name never be on another Diablo product again. Ever.

    I take it your one of those people that if you won the lottery, you'd end up bitching about the taxes you had to pay on it.

    They've made huge strides in improving this game since its release and I applaud them for that, they realized they released a turd and then turned to the community for input and changes on how to fix it, and the for the most part have been very proactive at doing so. While it doesn't excuse the missteps they've made at least they admit when their wrong. I swear the community on the official forums is complete garbage, people cannot be pleased 100% of the time. I can't even go to the official bnet forums anymore because the bitching and moaning is so bad and half the time its over full retard mode type stuff.
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0 - Which affixes would you like to see?
    +10% chance on hit to make monsters twerk for 3 seconds.

    yeah I went there.
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