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    Firebird gameplay is kinda the same as Marauder, allthough Mara is even more boring.

    I really think they should change the set items, so that almost any legendary item could be any set item. So when any legendary item drops, there is ~15% chance its a set item. That way you could have good mixture of different items and mixtures of sets. Every Hero would be unique and more builds would open up.

    One could have Firebird + Vyrs + some defensive set at the same time. :D
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    Quote from Bandyto

    Did I miss a recent Blue Post or why have so many wannabe designers been showing up with suggestions, ideas, solutions etc. since 2.1?
    Well, there´s a reason people are making suggestions. :) They are not happy with the current state of the game.
    Good ideas might be implemented in game or they might lead others to invent better ideas. But most of the times its just dreams of what the game COULD be.

    I agree you on that. Tool shoudn´t be that hard to code, and it would greatly benefit them.
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    First I want to say I´m sorry for my bad english. As you can see its not my native language, but I hope you guys can still understand what i´m typing.

    2.1 Introduced Greater rifts and I think they are great! You can play a bit more competitively and if you dont they are still fun. The competiting aspect brings forth one problem that D3 have; lack of powerful builds.


    I think there are several reasons why there are so few powerful builds and I think I have a solution to these problems.

    First thing is elemental damages are not balanced right now. Fire is just too powerful. For WD, monk and DH cold might be good too, but in the end there are still only 1 or 2 good ones for every class.

    This leads to another problem. Every damaging skill usually have 0-2 runes of your chosen elemental damagetype. This really narrows our skill choices.

    Third problem lies in items and especially in class set items. Take an example of wizard. If you want a top build, firebird is the only option. You are already narrowed to use fire, fire runes and half of your items. And now the reason your build/gear might differ from world #1 is that you havent found the furnace yet. Its just ridiculous. Now lets think about class set items in general. Why do you think there are so few powerful legendary shoulders, chests, pants and boots in the game? Because all the class set items have item in these slots. Theres no reason for blizzard to create super shouldes because nobody could use them because of sets! I think this is a shame. I like the idea of set items but currently they are the BIGGEST factor in the equation of limiting builds. Which is kind of irony because set items makes builds.


    My suggested solution to all of these problems is a bit complicated and have two things. These suggested changes obviously require HUGE amount of balancing and work in general so the only realistic option is that they would be implemented in the next expansion and final tested in the beta.

    1. Every damaging skill should have 1-2 universal elemental damage types. It would mean that the elemental damagetype of these runes is your highest elemental damagetype, but the skill mechanics would be the same. Also the visuals/effects of the rune should change accordingly, for example monk sweeping wind: cyclone. Fire monk would spam fire cyclones, cold monk cold cyclones etc... I know this would be a HUGE amount of work to do, but I think most of the variations are visually ok if only the color of the visual effect and the particle effect are changed (I know its not always that easy, thus HUGE amount of work).

    This would add a bit more depth to the game and we wouldnt be stuck in one or two runes anymore.

    2. Set items should no longer be tied to a specific item, so any item could be any set item. This may sound insane at first and totally not fitting the lore but hear me out. This actually might make some sense. Now lets think this in lore-wise. sets are powerful because powerful heroes have worn those and the items were shaped to their purpose and they were to strenghten the master. For example Tal Rasha´s set have five items. I´m pretty sure Tal Rasha had more items in his use than five right? So to me it would make sense if there would be Tal Rashas shoulders and boots and wand etc. a complete set of items. And if we literally think the item was once actually used by Tal Rasha, there would only be one of that item in the excistance, right. But it wouldn´t be very fun that you could only find one, and only one instance of piece of set and then you couldnt find that item anymore. That is why you can find multiple versions of Tals chest. So maybe we could expand this idea even further. Maybe Tal Rasha had Goldskin, maybe he had the ultimate rare the star of azkaranth amulet? What I´m saying is maybe it would be best if the set items werent tied to any particular legendary item. Any Legendary would have a chance to be any set item. (Some restrains could exists, like Danettas, boon of bul kathos, chantodos, etc..)

    Now this leads to some cool things. First, it would be that much easier for blizzard to design legendary items, because a) set items dont "reserve" armor slots. B) designing new sets, you dont have to create new items. Second, you could wear many sets at once, every set focusing on a skill OR survival OR resource management/cooldown reduction etc... This would lead to a nice amount of possible builds.

    One could say: "doesnt this just mean we all have powerful set items in every slot?". Well lets think about drop chances then. The most powerful items are super rare, right? Like you dont get that many rimehearts, Shard of Hates, SoJs, Furnaces etc.. If you do find them, then what are the chances its a set? 1/5 would be good IMO. Even then item might roll bad or the set is undesirable or semi-undesirable. Plus you really dont want to replace powerful legendary (SoJ) with crappy set item. This would add tons of options regarding builds (obviously blizzard should make more sets) and just planning and building the character would get a nice twist and longetivity. And most importantly: Every character would be unique unlike they are now.

    I know this would be a balancing nightmare, but I rather have that than the current situation. Also RoRG would need some rework (ideas?) Any and all comments are welcome! :)
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    Quote from numberwang

    It seems that all level of skill has been stripped from the game and the excuse is now "RNG is RNG".
    Totally not true. Have you watched guys doing these t40 runs? It requires tons of skill. If I had their gear I could propably do 5-8 levels lower than they.

    Build diversity is an issue though.
    Quote from shaggy

    Quote from ruksak

    I've never had such issues, only noticing a slight variance in times.
    No offense, but many of us have. Some specs are very susceptible to certain monster types. Just because you haven't experienced it doesn't make it something imaginary and calling people names because they've experienced something that you haven't doesn't help anything.

    I started off the failed GR27 with a rare pack of Horde wasps. Now, as a petdoctor, wasps are one of the "bad" monster types. As a petdoctor, I also start a rift without pets, so my damage is low. Wasps are bad for proccing Fetish Sycophants because they spread out. Wasps are also bad because they have one of those "you're supposed to dodge this" attacks that pets don't dodge and, consequently, get faceraped by.

    It took me 2 1/2 minutes to kill this pack because BLAA excuses....

    The fact that I can run into a GR27 that takes me LONGER to clear than the average GR28 is a testament to just how wildly the pendulum can swing. We're not talking a small difference here. We're talking a CHASMIC difference between "easy" and "hard"
    To me this sounds just lack of skill. I dont play petdoctor but in any build there are these "bad mobs", in most cases they are same though. Skillful player can overcome most bad things RNG throws at you, by making wise desicions in game. You could leave those wasps alone and concentrate on the next pack. wasps might follow, but in the end they die to collateral damage. Some people have much variety in runs, others dont, but its always easy to blame RNG.

    So you did encounter one t27 ritt that took you longer than average t28 and you call that a big difference? I think that is completely acceptable RNG.
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    posted a message on Kadala no legendary pants since patch? can't get any after 2000+ shards.
    10k+ shards without a single raiment of 1k storms set item (happened about a month ago). Tried shoulders, boots and chests.And no 1k set item in world drops either in that time by the way. I got tons of other legendaries, including 3 set items to other classes plus LOTS of duplicate Innas and blackthornes.

    Rage-quitted Monk for awhile and tried DH. 4 pieces of M6 in the next 2 hours (3 world drops, 1 Kadala). Got fifth the day after and I had RoRG. I think RNG Gods are trying to tell me something! :D
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    posted a message on Datamined @ Monk PTR 4
    Quote from lemmonjello
    The boots seem like they could be really good! I still dont understand why there is no lightning ally.
    Yeah, I dont get it either, but I think its on their TODO-list.
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    posted a message on Datamined @ Monk PTR 4
    Quote from lemmonjello

    Quote from AltaFX

    Don't think I use that much healing on my monk anyway =P Its nice to have the options though lol.

    Love the SW change, all I need now is a complete makeover for the 6 P.set bonus for 1kS and I can happily continue playing my lightning specc ;D
    Why cant they just give us something like our mystic ally does the same attacks as us and give us a damn lightning ally we have one called air ally why cant it be lightning damnit! If we mixed this with the crudist boots we could have a quality combo. I suspect they want to keep it unique so they would give us the same thing as mara set but it could be so damn cool watching two mystic allies running around with sweeping wind wrecking stuff with ltk mix this with haunt of vaxo and we could have a cool monk pet build.
    +1. That is the best suggestion I have heard to 1kS set. It really really would be superawesomecool. Blizz (bitch) pleeeeeaaaaaaaase.
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    posted a message on Double legendary
    Quote from Rasher_Bilbo

    Quote from Zeromena

    Just did some quick calculations. Assuming all legendaries have the same drop chance (they obviously dont but easier to get the picture) and using the info on wiki that states there is 256 legendaries the odds for getting the same item twice in a row is 0.00152%....
    Nope. You've calculated the a priori probability of some specific legendary being found in two distinct drops (consecutive or otherwise).

    You are calculating your probabilities wrong. If you are talking about the same legendary dropping twice, regardless of which one it is, then the chance is 1/256 (assuming equal probability), not 1/256^2. It doesn't matter what the first one is, as long as the 2nd one is the same as the first...

    Nope. You've calculated the a priori probability of the next drop being the same as one just seen (or of some specific one picked at random).

    Both of you seem to have treated the question as two and only two drops (in a row or otherwise). When talking about "streaks" one must include the embedding of them in some sequence of drops. When you do so, you'll find, e.g., that seeing 100 drops (given the assumption of uniformity that as pointed out is not reality here, but simplifies the question) you'd have an ~32% chance of seeing two in a row of any legendary, with 200 drops seen you'd have a better than 50% chance of seeing two in a row, and by 1000 drops you'd have a better than 98% chance of seeing two in a row (and a bit under 2% chance to see three in a row). Relaxing the uniformity assumption to reflect the reality, these become lower bounds - with non-uniform drop probabilities, you have a greater probability of seeing a streak of some legendary.
    Can you explain why this bolded part is a "must"? OP only cared about what is the probability of getting the same two legs in a row and that question was answered correctly. Your answer is basically the same but its harder to undestand.
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    posted a message on Exploding Palm, Rimeheart & Furnace changes
    EP damage scales with monster health is not an issue, since there was a time when nobody used it (or maybe there wasn´t just hard enough content). Its just the numbers. Just change the number to 30% (40-50% with a that fist weapon) and everything should be fine. Plus nothing except that fist weapon can increase the explosion damage. Maybe every class should have this kind of mechanic in one skill? Allthough I would be okay if EP explosion damage is changed to deal about 5000%-8000% weapon damage.

    RimeHeart and furnace are the real problem. % mob damage per hit / chance to instakill become better and better the harder the enemies are. EP is not getting better that much, since you still have to actually kill some mobs in traditional ways. It should have been nobrainer to blizzard to not implement these items as they are now in the first place.

    But I´m not worried, since there is 0 chance that blizzard will do nothing.
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    posted a message on Rise of the Cow King, an illustration

    I´m curious, do you have something special planned for "final artwork"?

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    posted a message on Future Diablofans Official Clan?

    Eu here, definetly joining once the RoS is live. I think I pass the PTR because I just dont have the time right now.

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    posted a message on Which skill UI do you prefer the most? (with POLL)
    I dont mind full screen, because when choosing skills, i usually spend some time with it. -> Its easier to read from full screen and skills are not designed to be changed during battle anyway.

    But current system is terrible yes, the old one would be huge improvement. But I think clicks are unnecessary for viewing skill descriptions. Mousehover does the job better. So you can easily view all the skills and then select one by clicking and rune by clicking or drag/dropping.
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    posted a message on Rise of the Cow King, an illustration
    Youre so teasing us with those pictures. :P
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    Act 1 is actually okay, but Cains death should have been different. It was just somehow underwhelming. Stranger, Skeleton king, blacksmith, ancients, jail and butcher are awesome.

    Act 2: Belial sucks ass. And Maghda is kinda meh too. Zoltun kulle and Coveteus Shen rocks. Asheara and iron wolfes should have bigger role. Also I want maggots in some sidestory/sidequest. A big cave with tons of maggots, please. :)

    Ac 3: thin story. The whole story is that we are hunting Azmodan. Cydaea is the only good thing in the story because of her character.

    Act 4: Izual should have bigger role. He just pops in to our way and fights few seconds. Thats just lame. I´m not sure how Diablo can talk to the hero the whole time, but he really shouldnt.

    Not sure if this is very constructive, because I dont have exact details how story should go.
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    posted a message on Lolol Got NR 1 DH in the world....
    Quote from Blankebroeder

    What's the point in having the highest crit damage if your 1handers are so weak? Everyone could go on the AH and do just the same. You even put marquise gems in there talk about a waste of money.

    I´m pretty sure he didnt do this for max DPS. Pieces are cheap for a reason and many slots are empty.

    This is a trophy.

    Btw, try to craft vit shoulders, amulet and bracers. And get a second piece of blackthorne.
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