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    We (my roommate and myself) got the portrait on the fourth Whimsy run, after around one hour of farming Staff of Herding components, just after looting Falcon Wings and Little Rogue

    If I had any sleep today I would be on my way to the casino

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    Began to play seriously (was very casual before) one/two months ago, roughly 300hrs since, P700, GR70, Wizard main, little DH on the side, looking for non-seasonal people to speedfarm bounties & rifts and push Grifts. Will engage S10 depending on the beginning date. Goal is GR90 before summer, more if I can, then I'll make an outside/sun pause during a few months. I'm 29 and I like cows. Add me ingame or answer here if it rings a bell - int3rnet#2634

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    posted a message on New here, a few weeks older in the game, looking for some data :)

    @ truerasp :

    Nah, DMO/AO-EB is for pushing ; only flaw is that it has to stack (Arcane Dynamo) before killing so it is sometimes unreliable if I don't have big packs of mobs. Currently I'm trying things with The Ess of Johan on Templar for pulling mobs, it helps sometimes. The build I use, more or less :


    For speed-farming I use Flashire :


    Both half-ancient, Archon is maybe 40% ancient, I began to farm low GRs to rank up useless gems, to stack more INT via Caldesann's Despair recipe.

    I didn't think about INT default all res. But since I have a rank 50 Esoteric Alteration I thought I could change all-res slots for something more helpful depending on the slot. I will add some armor on my Archon and see how it goes !

    @ Bagstone :

    Things you wrote are exactly what I was looking for, great stuff ! I didn't try Manald yet, I might try the 2x Hydra/Archon build one day when I got the gear. For now I focus on DMO since I begin to have pretty rolled Ancients on it. And because it really suits my gameplay, I like tactics.

    I made 200 hours of wizarding in... uh... three weeks I guess, I have a lot of free time these days. I just like having a theoretical background in mind while pushing GRs, it helps the decision-making process. Just cleared GR67, I appreciate the help :)

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    posted a message on New here, a few weeks older in the game, looking for some data :)

    Hello !

    So, I began my journey a few weeks ago (bought it last year, played a little bit but lots of IRL to do). I played 10 to 50 hours each class and ended with ~200 hours spent in 4 wizards, one Vyr's Archon (with Chantoto set & Zodiac ring, around 3 sec Archon downtime), one lovely DMO AO/EB (my favourite and main char) and one Flashfire for TXII speedfarming - minus Über-Bosses & Malthaël, to beat them I use DMO in TXIII but it's too slow for consistent farming.

    Last wiz is for trying stupid things (and sometimes clever) and see how it goes.

    I cleared GR64 with my DMO yesterday, it took me a few hours of trying & trying again (without fishing, played the whole thing each time), bad rolls, then I cleared 65 first try, good spawns, good areas and a nice power pylon just at middle-life of the RG.

    I'm quite happy with my builds, but I would like to improve, outside of Grifts mechanics (these are available everywhere, packing, fishing & stuff), I lack some knowledge about EHP calculation, DPS calculation, and how to have a more balanced build. My Flashfire wiz lacks survivability, my Archon could use a little bit more too, my DMO is too slow (which made me miss in-time clearing by a few seconds lots of time). I don't want to say : "hey dis is my bild help me plz", I don't need it either. But what I could find is data from 2014 or 2015, so here I am !

    So. I could use :

    - Knowledge of how mitigation works. What's best ? Armor ? LPS ? LPH ? VIT ? When I watch top-rank wiz, I notice life is quite steady, and they are dodging a lot of stuff too, sometimes they take a fatal hit, run away, potion, and back in pack. But this is gameplay : outside, there's stats I need, I read things about Effective Health Pool but nothing precise, what numbers are good numbers ? How to calculate it ?

    - Knowledge of game maths. I'm struggling and could use spreadsheets about quite everything in the game. For now I'm like "wow, GR xx feels hard, let's change this an that, let's farm for this item, i'll see how it goes then" but outside of how it feels, i would like to understand the numbers behind the stuff.

    - A few days ago I wanted to ask a lot more questions but the game answered them, more or less, since I played a lot. Like "what changes past GR60 and why I can't go past 60", that I know now, found a few ancients, rerolled, enchanted and tried to put the right stats in the right slots, won 5 GR ranks. Or "what monsters I don't need to kill" or "when to kill that and when to not kill" but since I found warpath and streamers, it does the job ^^

    So my main problem is building survivability with a quite weak class (a weak class I ended to play melee...). I played Barb a little bit, it bored me to death but it's strong as hell, that can take hits Wizard can't, thanks damage reduction. That said, wicked game.

    All help will be greatly appreciated :) Thanks !

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