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    posted a message on LLL SS, CCCCC BT so much diversity :)

    I like the barb class and I like its gameplay. I've tried all classes and this is what suits my taste, but I can't help but feel that barbarians are being left out. Its not just me, I know for a fact there are a lot of people who feel the same way, but they're tired since you never listen.

    Why am I saying barbs are being left out? First of all, how long did it take for the devs to bring whirlwind back to life? Yes! Finally! they updated the Wastes set to be competitive with other sets, but they did it at the same time that they "evenly distributed" mobs, or in other words, thinned them out and made it impossible to get good progression after pulling them all in (especially inside barracks and caves). Whirlwind lives by density, and if you can't group them up, then you can't kill anything efficiently. Then if you can finally group them up, you get screwed because a good density will kill you with so much lag. So much opportunities have been wasted because of these two problems, but it seems the devs don't care.

    Here's my point. People like the whirlwind skill, but for some reason, you don't want to spend time to really improve it. Why? Is it because you're afraid that if you make barbs good again, everyone will play as barbs? What's the problem with playing what we like? That's why we bought this game. If the dust devils cause so much lag, then why not rework the whirlwind runes or the whirlwind skill itself so that it will still be competitive but without the lag? So you guys are busy doing other stuff, right? Is that why barbs get a legendary (saffron wrap) that buffs a skill no one is using and no one can use competitively? It seems you don't have any plan to add that skill into any set at all. Great. Next that we get is the rumble rune. WOW! Great job! Great thinking! That's right. Buff a set no one wants to use, then make the skill pretty much similar to an existing build - boulder toss! Is that what diversity means for you?

    Leap, Leap, Leap, spend all fury using Seismic Slam!

    Charge, Charge, Charge, Charge, Charge, spend all fury using Boulder Toss!

    All of this makes me think that the devs are biased towards other classes because each of them prefer a class other than the barb. No one seems to care about barbs. No one wants to spend time to think of something new and good for the class. I was looking forward to something new on the next patch since you added the saffron wrap. I hoped you'd give the class a little more diversity. I did not expect you added Saffron Wrap for the sake of saying you gave the class a new legendary item when everyone else did.

    Very disappointing.

    To all the barbs out there, please share your thoughts and insights as well.

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