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    posted a message on Legendary pets and wings?

    Pets should stay how they are, cosmetic. Now if we wanted to discuss the merit of having additional armor slots for our followers, that is something I'd be interested in considering.

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    posted a message on Rainbow Staff VS DB Farming

    The staff pieces comes down to anything else in Diablo, RNG. you could luck out and get everything you need in 30 minutes or less, or on the other hand have to reset and farm for a couple days. That said, if you do it on a reasonable difficulty level, you'll still get elites spawning as you farm the pieces needed.

    Personally, I prefer to just roll a SunwokoSageLTK monk and hit a t11 rift, as that usually produces a ton, but as with all things, to each their own.

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    posted a message on DB farming?

    Personally, my favorite way to farm DB's is with a monk using a SunwokoSage LTK build. Here's a link from one I really liked a couple seasons ago: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85555-sunwuko-db-farming-ltk-easy-600-800-db-h

    The thing to note however is that you'll also get gear drops, so if you made a build for the current class you're running you might feel happy about the gear/db ratio you end up with. I just really love the speed and ease of the above build (I usually run on torment 11 for farming, as the amounts of db compared to the speed of the rift closure seem at least to me to justify it.

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    posted a message on ICE BLINK 10% increased chance

    It benefits all, and most people throw one on their follower too.

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    posted a message on What Your Most and Least Favorite Class?

    I realize this is all really subjective based on personal preference, but that's the whole thread, so here's my two pence. From most enjoyed to least (in parenthesis favorite builds):

    1. Wizard (pretty much any build)

    2. Demon Hunter (pretty much any build except grenades and sentries)

    3. Monk (pretty much any build)

    4. Barbarian (Whirlwind or a WW/IK hybrid focused on whirlwind)

    5. Crusader (Invoker or LoN Bombard)

    6. Witch Doctor (Arachyr)

    Necro? Not sure, probably between Monk and Barb, as it has some potential, but before I rank it I want to wait until it hits live servers.

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    posted a message on Trouble adding quotes and editing comments

    I can attest, that I've encountered with John and Angry are talking about as well while trying to edit posts.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.5.1 - Predictions Poll
    Quote from nascher76┬╗
    lol crystal ball ? 4-5 Years is a long time....
    That's still a lot shorter than the 11 years it took from D2:LoD's release date to D3's release date. Mind you its still all speculation at best.
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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Adding more consumables, new cube recipes/sockets for gear.

    Personally, It would be cool if they just modified Ramaladni's Gift so that would be able to add a socket to jewelry as well. As far as your other ideas, I'm kinda opposed to socketing gloves, boots, shoulders, belts, and bracers. I also don't like the idea of upgrading a legendary into a primal ancient as I think it takes away from the RNG quest to find a primal ancient, as I understand the developers wanted primals to be relatively rare. I'm also not a fan the raining gold, treasure, or empowerment as I don't see too much of a benefit to the community. Gold is abundant, you can get around 5 or so legendaries every few minutes on a grift, or even more on a rift sometimes, and legendary gems levels should be the reward of successful effort.

    Your part about the Trinket and Mind had me thinking, as I recently have been playing D2 as well about D2 charms. I would be entirely alright if there was a charm like in D2 that sat in your inventory. If you get it, its blank and doesn't do anything...until you add it to the cube recipe to extract a legendary affix, and instead of being extracted to the cube, its written onto the charm. That could open up more build diversity, and would need to keep the limit of charms to 1 per character. This change, would be game changing to say the least in builds, but I think the community would embrace it.

    Your thought about replacing a socket with a meta socket allowing jewelry/helm legendary gems onto a weapon is interesting. There's obviously drawbacks to doing it such as losing 130% crit damage or thorns damage, so its a bit of a balancing act. I think I'd be fine with something like that. I could see a lot of BOTT, BOTP, BOTS, and Goguk's builds running around, that might introduce some power creep, but it ultimately creates more flexibility and requires a judgement call by the player.

    Sorry if you took offense to any of this, I was attempting to be critical, yet thinking about ease of coding and game balance. Overall thanks for the ideas, realistically though I'm skeptic regarding the likelihood of any of these changes.

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    posted a message on Armory question

    In that situation, you being a friend of your friend will have to either explain the build to them over comms, spec into the build and have them view your profile once it updates, or direct them to an appropriate build on say a site like this one.

    I doubt the Diablo's developers are overly interested in the labor hours to code the game to let people inspect all the armory builds of every character in the game, especially considering they removed the inspect button all together and we now have to "view profile" as a work around.

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    posted a message on Socket Problem On Rings - Amulets

    Keleman, I do like your consumable idea, but I'd be more interested in a rare consumable based recipe that infuses a jewel (like those socketable jewels from d2) with a legendary affix from an item which can then be socketed into a piece of armor. When I say infuse, I mean it would essentially clone the legendary affix onto the jewel and destroy the original item. I would imagine the jewel itself would be unique and limits you to socket only 1 on a character

    Or alternatively, infuse the jewel with a set item, so that when you socket the jewel into a piece of armor, its counts the jewel as an extra set piece. So you could then in theory say get the 6 pc Firebird bonus with 4 items equipped if you were using a Rorg, you could potentially have the benefits of endless walk and f/r for example. This would ultimately allow for more variation in builds to be viable in my opinion. We'd likely see a little higher lvl in grifts being cleared.

    Just a couple ideas. Maybe my ideas would be too game changing.

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    posted a message on Item Dreams/Should-haves

    Wizard bracers that give Energy Armor the effect of all runes. Also have it roll with guaranteed elemental damage.

    *This would make people choose more between energy armor and/or ice armor w/ halo. Additionally it also has people choose against APD/Nem's.

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    posted a message on A couple of casual-player questions

    1. Not sure.

    2. It would violate the ToS/EULA. Personally I'd love it if blizzard was okay with some interface mods in D3 just like they allow in WoW but that's not likely to happen as it hasn't happened since D3 was released back in 2012.

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    posted a message on tunels and more tunels all the way to africa

    How about an optional map that is a 16ft x 16ft box that has every enemy needed to complete a rift or grift all packed in to those 256 square feet so you enter the map and you either kill them all instantly or they all kill you instantly. That way you don't need to run down a hallway or through a cave, just bang bang and done.

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    posted a message on What follower do you use?

    I don't know about follower sets, but I always thought it weird that I can't give the followers armor pieces, especially something like a strongarms paired with an ess of johan.

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    posted a message on Minnesota Winter Wizard (LoN Ray of Frost) - community questions regarding feasibility of the build
    Quote from Kamui1770┬╗

    I just did the test, you build still under performs. My version outperforms it by 581% dmg output


    Since you seem to favor dmg output, try this variant.
    http://www.d3planner.com/717874743 vs. your http://www.d3planner.com/925751529
    Assuming both builds are: Solo w/ Templar equipped with Occulus Ring/Overwhelming Desire, gemmed with an Effcacious Toxin/Iceblink. Leg Gems at 80, 10 stacks Taeguk, 50 stacks Stricken.

    Assuming the tests benefit the skills selected. For mine because of Frost Nova/Audacity, in melee 10 yards, spread of 1, 20 white, 1 elite. For you because of Power Hungry and no Frost Nova, at range 35 yards, spread of 1, 20 white, 1 elite.
    Your simulated DPS: 2571.450 B vs. my variant's simulated DPS: 4778.769 B.

    You end up freezing nearly half of the enemies due to your blizzard, my Frost Nova's end up around 10%. You receive damage reduction if those frozen mobs are within 25 yards from your APD, which seems a wash as your benefiting from Power Hungry. I think you might do better with Audacity as your DPS is roughly the same 2573.311 B under the 10 yard test.

    In which case considering the dmg outputs of both, I would remind you of your own words "You don't quite understand how LoN builds work. Its best to use a skill with a high dmg multiplier and gear support." -Kamui1770.

    Realistically though, I think all the builds linked on this thread with the exception of the one TrueColdkil posted which giving him the benefit of the doubt accidentally lacked a channel skill are fairly powerful in their own rights.

    And I think you're absolutely right when you said "Play your way" as that's what likely will make the game more enjoyable in the long run. I want to thank you though for giving me insight to look into the Energy Twister, as its damage output is truly scary.

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