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    posted a message on Petition - just add dmg reduction

    This is a PETITION, They promised us pvp arena before they release the game.

    All the fans of the Diablo franchise please JOIN the crusade :)

    Im not expecting miracle, just add more DMG reduction to a brawling. It doesnt matter the balance its about fun and new content.

    So my suggestion is to icrease DMG REDUCTION much more, add 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 modes, maybe some new enviroment except the graveyard ( You can use the one from the bounty ), and thats it for the beggining - for season 10, other things You can add later (matchmaking based on paragon lvl, tournaments in season etc ).

    We need enormous support for this, so i appeal to all diablo players to support this idea. We must demand something like this from Blizzard, please share the information and support it. Blizzad take this idea into a deep consideration, its not a big deal for You, but for the players it means much more..
    See you in sanctuary.

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