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    How does GF 9400m compare to GF8600m GT? I'm currently running on early 2009 Macbook - GASP! Mac, and a laptop! And gaming! Yuo is teh skuc! - and while I know it's not exactly a gaming rig, I've been doing just fine in WoW for my needs (run windowed all low 60+ FPS), but just wondering should I even think about D3 on this?

    I mean, this machine handles everything I need both work and recreational wise, so while new shiny one would be nice, I really don't see a reason to upgrade (unless everything breaks down, which actually might be quite close considering the age on the notebook).

    C2D 2GHz
    4 GB 800MHz RAM
    OSX 10.6.8 / Windows 7 Ultimate (might go for W7 instead for much increased gaming performance on D3)
    GF 9400m 256MB

    Haven't been lucky enough to get my hands on the beta to actually give it a go, but already have D3 via WoW Annual Pass on my BNet account, so just wondering. I sure am considering to buy a new notebook in the future (so I can dump this for GF to play her Bejeweled/Zuma, lol), but as macfag I guess I'd need to invest somewhat more, and it's been so quiet workwise that during the last two months I've been eating through my savings...
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    Quote from Snaks42

    Yes! Damn Blizzard for wanting to test a US server with US beta invites!!! RABBLERABBLELOGICRABBLE

    LOL, exactly! Well, I can wait knowing that I already have the digital copy on my BNet account waiting to be released :)
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    You could just mute your browser. How easy it is, will depend on your OS. For example, Windows 7 has by default separate sound controls for each running program (actually one of the most useful features that I'm missing from OSX!). I guess also each browser has some under-the-hood setting to disable all the sounds.
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    posted a message on Greetings from new Diablo player
    Thanks for the warm welcome, and greetings to both Finland and Sweden - two of the countries I've lived in the past for quite some time ;)

    And sure it ain't late, pretty much the same thing happened with Warcraft franchise: started with and cleared WC2 and little with Beyond the Dark Portal but never finished it IIRC. First one I tried a bit but as I was already playing WC3+TFT, I didn't bother that much. But great games altogether.
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    Woah, really makes me want to boot up DosBox and play some really oldskool games again. All the childhood memories...
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    posted a message on So how strong is WoW for you?
    Oh wow, I'm the only one.
    I still play, although pretty much just doing my weekly raids - nothing much more. Also since work is eating up my time quite a lot.

    But I do keep my subscription up (mainly, due to the Annual Pass, lol) and I am waiting for MoP. I don't feels that pandas are that much out of fantasy game anyways.
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    posted a message on Greetings from new Diablo player
    Okay, I lied a bit. Although explaining myself puts in me in danger of being crucified, but here goes nothing...

    I never, ever, played the first Diablo. Not even a single bit. The second one I think I cleared first two Acts.
    BUT! I have recently repurchased D2+LOD on BNet (since I lost my discs when moving around the world), and have the Annual Pass to WoW - thus receiving my copy of Diablo 3 upon launch.

    I'd need to download and start playing D2, but unfortunately there is not enough hours in the day for that at the moment, and I fear that my old, yet beloved, laptop won't be able to handle D3 so I need to buy new one in near future.

    But going to lurk around anyways.
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