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    posted a message on Is Kadala bugged?
    It's weird.

    For every other item (chest/hands/e.c.t) she has been pretty good to me. While she hasn't given me the legendary items I want, she has been generous overall.

    Then we get to the sources... I spent the better part of a week trying those, thinking every time that she was bound to cough one up "this time."

    No. She was cruel and heartless.. Then suddenly.. Myken's Ball of Hate and Trium back to back. RNG is RNG?
    I think what people forget is every click has the same chance. Your odds do not get better each time you fail, so long periods of fail are bound to happen.
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    posted a message on 2nd time in two days..
    That battle net goes down while I'm in a rift at 97% +.

    This one was at 99%, and I had saved a conduit pylon just around the corner. /sadface
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Is Recruiting Class Moderators. Apply Here!

        How long have you been playing Diablo (not Diablo 3 necessarily)?

    A long time. I remember playing Diablo 1 for quite a few years. I have fond memories of encountering the butcher for the first time. I remember losing interest shortly after it's first expansion, due to the number of duped armageddon staves and endless elixirs everyone had. Diablo 2 was insane. While I spent many months playing it, D2X was where it became an addiction. I found one of the first (if not the first) windforces on USEast, and could be found pvping with my bowazon.
    Diablo 3 has been love/hate. I leveled all the classes except the monk to 60, and reached paragon 35 before I got tired of the grind. Come to think of it, I actually won my D3beta key on these forums, in a contest you held. RoS has renewed my vigor though, just as D2X did for D2. D3 remains the only full price collectors edition I ever bought.

        Why do you wish to be the class moderator for the Crusader specifically? What makes the Crusader greater than the other classes in your eyes?

    This is a hard one to explain. When I started RoS, I figured I'd mess around with the Crusader and jump back into my barb, or witch doctor. Nope. The crusader is 70 now, and I've gotten another 40 paragon with him. I guess it's the wide range of options, from melee to tank and then all the way into caster that interests me. While the paladin in D2 wasn't my fav (had a 99 zeal/veng iirc), the Crusader plays just enough on it to be fresh.

        Do you have any experience as a moderator or an administrator at an online community?

    Yes. I've served as a guide (not a GM) in EQ1, as well as moderator and admin on several guild websites and forums during my 6 years of WoW. Unfortunatly, most of those guilds have come and gone and the websites are no longer around. I have had a great deal of experience walking the line between heated, but intelligent debates and slander/trolling in online forums.
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    posted a message on Gambling Drop Rates Summary, Part 2: Share Your Post-Hotfix Loot From Kadala
    2h Weapon:

    Blues: 2

    Rares: 9

    Legendary: 0


    Blue: 5

    Rare: 23

    Legendary: 1 ( just a crown. =\ )
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    posted a message on Missing Malth's plans.
    Sorry, forgot to mention that

    I am 70 now, and do have it set to "all". The only theory I have currently is that it doesn't drop pre-60 and is a story mode only drop.
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    posted a message on Missing Malth's plans.
    Did some searches on google, and couldn't find a specific answer.

    I've got the Reaper's fear, but the plans never dropped. I've killed him on story with a crusader (on expert). My wife was 60, but I was 59 at the time. She has the plans, and I don't. We then reset our quests.

    Everything I've read says they are a 100% drop, yet I don't have them. I've checked the stash and other characcters, and even killed him several more times in adventure mode. Still no plans. The fact that no one else seems to be having an issue leads me to believe it's something on my end.

    Am I missing something?
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    posted a message on Trade LS for MP10 run
    Would anyone be interested?

    I've got a dex/20% Leoric's Sig that I'd hand over for a smooth MP10 run.

    I have no machines, but I'm on right now if anyone wants it.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Players Banned for Botting, Battle.net Authenticators Temporarily Unavailable, Blue Posts, Heart of the Swarm Beta Ke
    NV over all is a strong bonus for the game. It quietly addresses all the people who hated the idea of skill switching.

    It's an effective compromise - but the focus on overall game balancing here is disturbing.

    Is D3 balanced perfectly? No. Is it balanced enough in the short term to focus these "resources" on additional content (pvp, e.c.t)? Yes.
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    posted a message on Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway, No Holiday Patch Planned, Scheduled Game Maintenance - 12/18/2012, Blue Posts, Curse Weekl
    I'm so excited for HoS. If it's half as good as BroodWar was to the first StarCraft, we've got an instant classic on our hands.

    The lack of a D3 holiday patch tho.. :(
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    posted a message on A Little Give Away
    I've got the knife and would love the Manajuma's set offhand to complete my set.

    Send me a message, Audiocord #1923
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    posted a message on Diablo III Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway - Week 7 [All Can Enter]
    I'd like to enter, please
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    posted a message on Dex/LoH/Crit ammy
    Got an amulet with the following stats,

    199 Dex
    168 LoH
    5.5% crit chance

    and 203 INT.

    PM me offers here,

    Obviously it's not OMGUBER - but ones with very close stats were going 5m+ on the AH.

    Now obviously AH prices should be taken with a grain of salt,
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    posted a message on Can/should AH barons be controlled?
    The only reason wealth in WoW does not = in game power directly is because of the BoP system.

    You can't buy the items that make you a better raider - gear wise for the most part. You have to kill the mobs youself to get the loot.
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    posted a message on Archon spec - a dead end?
    Archon seems meh to me at best.

    I'm thankful you posted your build though. I have a feeling that mine was less than optimal - and I'd be up for giving the spec another chance.

    So.. Off to try yours :)
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    posted a message on Tackled Act 2 Inferno now on to Act 3
    Act 2 and 3 just aren't fun on Inferno.

    I can clear them sure, but the difficulty isn't "fun".

    The mob types take it more in the direction of "frustrating" than "challenging".

    It's a fine line to walk, sure.

    Sadly, the trick to making it easier is gear > all. Stats - more focused on survivabilty and HP sustain trump increases in DPS and power. You'll get a lot farther slowly grinding through stuff than trying to blow everything up. Unless you are a DH of course.
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