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    I read these forums from time to time, as they are in reference to a game I am looking forward to playing. I am amazed at how some people think Blizzard owes you ANYTHING in regards to updates, release date, or whatever. Blizzard is doing a courtesy by telling us anything about the game they are developing. Hell, they didnt even have to announce they were making it! Granted, not having an announcement, or updates would hurt the final sales. But seriously folks. Step away from the ledge, let this VERY successful gaming company finish THEIR game like THEY want it, and then they will release it. They were within any right to just tell us in 2008 they were making Diablo 3, and then hear nothing until release date. There are too many posts about "If Blizzard doesnt announce the release date next week, Im done with this game!" Meaningless threats, as you know damn well you will still play the game, and its not like your post is going to make them hurry along any faster =) Does it suck it was "delayed" from their initial release date? Sure. Maybe you were better off never hearing of an initial release date, otherwise you wouldnt be whining about it taking so long, you wouldnt have known any better. Go out, have some dates, enjoy life for a few more months....from the sounds of it Diablo will be enveloping the vast majority of your life soon to come..
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